Deploying Public GPTs
IMHO there's been a lot of misinformation and misplaced excitement about creating GPT's as announced at OpenAI's recent Dev conference. Sure they are cool and all, but many people don't seem to have joined the dots that out of the box they are (currently) only available to other users who are OpenAI Pro subscribers.
For public Deployment, one has to use OpenAI Assistant API and at least one other software to deploy it.
At least one high profile AI Youtuber has created "templates" and an SOP for this that uses THREE other paid applications, which he happens to have affiliate links for 馃ぃ which has rightly lost him a bit of cred in certain communities.
So this morning I came across this offered by Botpress - supposedly a nocode simple process:
Disclaimer: I haven't tried it - I don't even have a Botpress account! So I'm taking them at face value
I have however created a GPT, using an extensive PDF as the knowledge Base. and I found the following shortfalls despite a rigorous well-written prompt.
  • the Bot hallucinated and invented false urls to get the visitor to click on
  • the Bot refused to respond to a non English question in the used language, and on further research, it appears this is not currently a capability of a GPT.
I'm sure these things will advance and get rectified over time, but be aware that at this stage, a GPT Bot may not perform even as well as a basic customer service / sales Bot using something like Chatbase of FastBots
Just sayin!
If anyone tries Botpress' solution LMK how it goes - I don't have time right now
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