Oct '23 (edited) in Prompts
Decider Prompt
Last night I needed to make a difficult business/partnership decision.
I made the following prompt for GPT4 to help me with that decision.
After 13 interactions, all of the issues related to the initial question were resolved.
The Decider Prompt:
"I want you to guide me in making a decision. Starting with a top-level question of what decision I am trying to make, guide me by continually asking me deeper questions to remove the mental blocks preventing me from making the best decision, where the best decision is defined as the decision that gives me the most long term inner peace. I want this to be a conversation where you ask me a single question per interaction, not just a single page of questions to ask myself."
I hope this can help someone else reach the same peace of mind.
edit: NOTE: Adding the last line has allowed the prompt to also work conversationally in GPT-3.
edit: A more concise version ⏬:
"Guide me through a decision-making process. Start with understanding the core decision I'm facing and then delve deeper with questions to help me overcome mental barriers. The aim is to achieve long-term inner peace. This should be an interactive conversation."
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