ChatGPT forgets initial input
Hey folks.
I am trying to do something with ChatGPT. I give it an initial input with instructions and tell it that I will share infomration in 3 parts and based on that it should help me with something.
The first part of information is 4000 words long. After that input it asks me a couple relevant qustions. but after that it forgets basically the initial prompt. I tried to break it up in small jumks, but its the same thing.
I read that with each prompt it sends the data of the full conversation as an API call. If the convo is too long (or prompts are too long) it starts to cut off previous data as it can not fit the data into the call. So it doesn't matter if you provide it with data in 1 big prompt or junk it up in 4 small prompts.
Any idea on how to feed it data as big as that?
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