Chatbots remain relevant in the age of GPTs.
Found a little sneaky backdoor way for Chatbots to remain relevant in the golden age of GPTs. As you know, there are MANY MANY people that still don't use CGPT or want to pay for a plus account. What I am doing now for myself and clients is creating the GPT in CGPT and then using the custom instructions in the Chatbot. I have tested it on several and it works great. The only limitations is that there is no Dalle or Code Interpreter built in however you can upload most documents (or convert to PDF) to your bot to learn the content. What I do is tell the user they will end up with a custom report, feedback or answers at the end of the process and they can cut and paste. I walk them through everything. You can check it out at the DISC assessment link below.
This is a great work around for your clients that are CGPT resistant for now. Haven't tried this on Fastbots yet but it does work on Chatbase. I am almost positive it should work the same way. Do the work on GPT and have dual use at your Chatbot software. Love to hear if you try this out.
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