This simple trick will help you guys out. Thanks for always allowing me to share value❤️
I am working with one of my chiropractic clients for almost 6 months now and we have been using ads to get people to sign up for a free adjustment and after the adjustment we get them to leave a review and sell them onto a higher ticket offer.
At first it sounded kinda stupid. I thought how would i be able to get a free customer to convert into a paid customer. The first thing that came to mind was that i needed to call the patients who went for the free trail and sell packages to them. The Dr and i sat down and worked out 3 tier packages one at $1000, one at $1500 and one at $2500 and after that I immediately started calling all the patients that went in for free and left a review and closed them on a package. The ratio was like 6/10 people. There were around 30 people that came in over the course of the free adjustment.
Here is where I absolutely cracked it and it saved me so much time. We got 2 VAs who calls the leads sells them on a package and moves on to the next. I then focused on getting the Dr more leads with these ads and so i hired a media buyer to take care of the ads. Within a week after hiring the media buyer and he played and tested my ad, we got 280 FREE booked appointments, the Dr later told us to turn off the ads because he couldnt handle the amount of people we brought in. Even though he got 280 free adjustments to do, 60% of those got sold on a package for over $1000.
Never once did i offer a guarantee, money back.. nothing.
The craziest part is that he never had to lift a finger. It was completely DFH.
Cheers hope this was a goodie
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