Sell me this pen...
You've probably heard this question before, either in a job interview, a sales training, or a movie scene.
It's a classic way to test your sales skills and approach, regardless of what you're selling. But how do you answer it? How do you sell a simple, everyday object like a pen?
Well, there are many ways to do it, but I'm going to show you the best way.
The way legendary copywriters have used to sell millions of dollars worth of products and services with words. The way that will make your prospects beg you to take their money. The way that will make you rich.
Are you ready? Here it is:
Don't sell the pen. Sell the dream.
That's right. You don't Want to focus on the features or benefits of the pen itself.
You want to focus on the emotional and experiential benefits that the pen can provide for your prospect.
You want to paint a vivid picture of how their life will be better, easier, happier, or more successful with your pen.
How do you do that? By asking questions. Lots of questions. Questions that will reveal your prospect's needs, desires, fears, and frustrations.
Questions that will make them realize they have a problem that only your pen can solve.
For example, you could ask:
- What do you use pens for?
- How often do you use them?
- What kind of pens do you prefer?
- What are some of the problems or challenges you face with your current pens?
- How do those problems affect your work, your productivity, your creativity, or your mood?
- How would you feel if you had a pen that never ran out of ink, never broke down, never smudged, and always wrote smoothly and comfortably?
- How would that improve your work, your productivity, your creativity, or your mood?
- What would that mean for your career, your business, your income, or your lifestyle?
By asking these questions, you're not only gathering valuable information about your prospect's situation and motivation.
You're also creating curiosity, interest, desire, and urgency in their mind.
You're making them imagine the positive outcomes and emotions that your pen can deliver. You're making them want it.
And then, when they're ready to buy, you close the deal.
You tell them how they can get your pen today. You make them an irresistible offer. You give them a strong guarantee. You ask for the order.
That's how you sell me this pen.
And that's how you sell anything.
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- The David Hale
(Copy Ghost)
David Hale
Sell me this pen...
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