Need Help: Google Ads Showing to the Wrong Audience
Hi everyone,
I'm in a bit of a bind with my Google Ads campaign and could really use some advice. I recently set up an ad campaign, which is all about women dating, and I made sure to target it specifically at women. However, after just two days of running the ads, I noticed something odd in my analytics - my ads were being shown to males as well (50%).
I鈥檓 puzzled because I was very careful with the settings, choosing the gender and age group that align with my desired audience. I've always thought Google Ads were pretty reliable with targeting, but this has thrown me off.
Has anyone else experienced something similar? Could there be a setting I might have missed or is it an issue on Google Ads' end? Any insights or suggestions on how to fix this would be hugely appreciated. I had to pause the campaign because of this and I鈥檓 keen to get it back up and running correctly.
Thanks in advance for any help!
Stefan Savic
Need Help: Google Ads Showing to the Wrong Audience
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