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Competitor Requests Access To My Group
Someone selling the same high ticket offer as me on Skool just requested access to my free group. Should I accept or deny to avoid member poaching?
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Deny of course
How I got $10,000/month passive income from Skool Games
In the first 3 years on Skool I got my affiliate income to $2,000/month. In the last 2 months I got my affiliate income to $10,000/month! 3 years. $2,000/month. 2 months. $10,000/month. Wild. What changed? The Skool Games. — The Skool Games is a business building competition hosted by Alex Hormozi and Skool. There's training, community, leaderboards, and the 10 winners spend a day with Hormozi in-person. It's a lot of fun. And it's an easy offer to sell. There's a 14 day free trial, then it's $99/month — Affiliates get 40% of payments! For life... Without having to find product-market fit Without having to build a product Without having to do any community management Once you get someone to sign up it's the closest thing to passive income I've ever seen. — All I did was make a few tweets, make a post in my community, and put the link in the description of three YouTube videos. Granted I have a bigger audience than most, but with a bit of work it's possible for anyone to make a few thousand bucks passive income by promoting The Skool Games. And if you already have an audience of beginners interested in starting their own business, this is perfect. For some people it is far easier to make money promoting The Skool Games than starting your own community. I was not paid to post this, just sharing a cool opportunity. You can check out the Skool Games here: - Affiliate link - Not affiliate link Then can get your own affiliate link here: Let me know if you have any questions!
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@Shane Thornton there’s no limitations brother. People have been to space and invented planes. 2.5k referrals is easily possible
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You deserve the world brother
How many DM's does an "innocent" person send in 1-week?
Imagine you're a member of some groups (not the owner or admin). Somebody "innocent", not somebody trying to sell people stuff... How many new people would you start a DM conversation with in 1-week?
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@Griffin A. Hamilton The way i see it bro, is sam didnt make skool for connecting with others like that like linkedin or instagram he made it so you can join one community and learn from that person - not for communities to be interconnected So in that regard its justified to ban cold outreach as its not part of his intention with the platform Also its pushing people away from using skool so he can justifiably change his intention and get more customers but i do agree that he teaches that in his programs so its contradictory however if thats not what skool was intended for then theres no problem it was made to be a hub to connect content + community
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@Ted Carr do you use skool for cold outreach at all?
DM attachments (not high priority)
I think people obviously know this but the DM attachment needs fixing (unless I’m missing something) I think I send someone video/audio content it sends as something they have to download/view off platform. Even if I could send an embedded video from YouTube or Vimeo or loom it would be better. If I’m using it wrong please let me know
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its probably like that to stop cold outreach
New chat limit reached???
’ve been doing outreach on Skool trying to build my community, and after messaging a couple people Skool has said “i’ve reached my new chat limit”, and i’m unaware how to change this. Does anyone else have any ideas?
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@Sam Ovens is there a dm limit for auto dm for people joining your community? ive got a few hundred requests so wouldnt want to accept them all at once and half of them not go through
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@Sam Ovens appreciate that Sam. Thank you for everything
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