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Belated Holiday Wishes
I wanted to jump in and apologize for not saying Merry Christmas and Happy New Year's to ya'll! My sweet mother-in-law had been fighting cancer for 22 years but it finally won out late last week. We spent as much time as we could with her before she left this world and have just been trying to help my father-in-law figure out his new normal. I'll be back full time after her service tomorrow. HAPPY NEW YEAR to all!! I know it's going to be a wonderful year for everyone!
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Oh dear.. My most sincere condolences to you and your family. No need to apologize - family comes first! Take as much time as needed and sending lots of love.
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@Patricia Ogilvie Thanks! Nice to meet you :)
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@Toyin Ogunseinde Absolutely tell me about it. I do get overwhelmed quite often with so many moving parts, and it's self sabotaging as I stop taking CONSISTENT actions as I get tired! Do you feel the same too?
Is Amazon Suffering From FOMO too?
The tech giants are all certainly trying to get on the AI bandwagon! Talk about FOMO! So, Amazon is unveiling its own version of ChatGPT chatbot, appropriately named "Q" 😅🤣 This happened of course after Elon Musk announced its own chatbot for X (formerly Twitter). My question is - How will Amazon's chatbot differentiate itself from others? Will it have its own niche? From my understanding - it's focused on IT, software, customer service specifically? But it does seem that its target all industries. 🤔 I wonder how it can sustain this evolving and competitive landscape. Any thoughts? PS: I've decided to follow the tech drama, rather than the soap operas of the likes of "Love Is Blind" and "Love Island" 🤫🤣. It makes me look smarter 😝😜
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@Ronda Moore I haven't looked at it yet. Thanks for the heads up, I'll have a look!
69% Conversion Rate! How I Made It Happen and YOU CAN TOO!
Wondering how to get YOUR landing page conversions to a staggering 69% or even more? 💥👀 Drop a 'Show Me How!' down under 👇 and I'll share the details on the game-changing AI strategy 🤖💡 that can make nearly 7 out of every 10 visitors say 'YASSS' to your offer! 🚀🎯
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Show Me How!
What are your thoughts around
Been reading up about this new ai platform called Description: Get ready to meet Nomi, an AI companion so brimming with personality, they feel alive. Each Nomi is uniquely yours, evolving alongside you while dazzling you with their wit, humor, and memory. With their memory, your Nomi builds a relationship with you, remembering things about you over time. From the description - it doesn't sound like your everday, another "run of the mill" AI platform. Its curated to have personalized & individualized features according to the uniqueness of each person. Also, it seems to touch on the emotional needs of the human. Just curious, what's your take on: 1) What is your perspective on What does the future look like for this platform? 2) Who will be the target audience? 3) Do you think there will be a sustainable & growing user base? Doing a deep dive into AI tools that could help the emotional & mental needs of humanity Thanks all!
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@Kim Garst Of course! I've always enjoyed learning from you. I still remember learning social media, making graphics, and figuring out the Periscope and ALL OF THE THINGS in 2015. Gosh, this feels ancient now!
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@Kim Garst Tell me about it!!! It's crazy isn't it. Back then, going on a live video was such a game changer. I remember the crazy lurkers on Periscope. And I got to know you from Chalene Johnson. You guys are the OGs!
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