Is Amazon Suffering From FOMO too?
The tech giants are all certainly trying to get on the AI bandwagon!
Talk about FOMO!
So, Amazon is unveiling its own version of ChatGPT chatbot, appropriately named "Q" 😅🤣
This happened of course after Elon Musk announced its own chatbot for X (formerly Twitter).
My question is - How will Amazon's chatbot differentiate itself from others? Will it have its own niche?
From my understanding - it's focused on IT, software, customer service specifically? But it does seem that its target all industries. 🤔
I wonder how it can sustain this evolving and competitive landscape. Any thoughts?
PS: I've decided to follow the tech drama, rather than the soap operas of the likes of "Love Is Blind" and "Love Island" 🤫🤣. It makes me look smarter 😝😜
Winnie Fannon
Is Amazon Suffering From FOMO too?
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