What are your thoughts around Nomi.ai??
Been reading up about this new ai platform called Nomi.ai
Description: Get ready to meet Nomi, an AI companion so brimming with personality, they feel alive. Each Nomi is uniquely yours, evolving alongside you while dazzling you with their wit, humor, and memory. With their memory, your Nomi builds a relationship with you, remembering things about you over time.
From the description - it doesn't sound like your everday, another "run of the mill" AI platform. Its curated to have personalized & individualized features according to the uniqueness of each person. Also, it seems to touch on the emotional needs of the human.
Just curious, what's your take on:
1) What is your perspective on Nomi.ai? What does the future look like for this platform?
2) Who will be the target audience?
3) Do you think there will be a sustainable & growing user base?
Doing a deep dive into AI tools that could help the emotional & mental needs of humanity
Thanks all!
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