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Good communities highlight their members. It's all about the members. That's YOU! We want YOU to share how you're using Skool so others can get ideas and learn. We'll give spot prizes (like Skool merch) to members who share something cool. If you share something people find useful — we'll promote you to our 800k email list, 134k YouTube subs, and put you on our website that gets millions of monthly visits. We created a new category called "How I'm using Skool". Check it out! If you want to share how you're using Skool, create a post in that category with a good title, a short description, and a quick (less than 5m) Loom video sharing your setup/use-case. Help us help you!



Robert Clay
Nick Hauser
John Cook
Carl Munson
Dejan Stanculovic
New comment 18h ago
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    @Boz Johnson I don't see a DM from you.

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    Skool has made it 10 times easier for us to help people in the USA to improve their cash flow within 60 days, and in some cases, without spending money or requiring prior financial experience. As a result, many individuals have achieved seven-figure incomes within a year, all from the comfort of their own homes or wherever they may be. We extend our gratitude to Sam Ovens for this valuable contribution.

Where can I edit - discussion categories?



Elliott Rashed
New comment 2d ago

I now have everything (3 communities) in Skool with many classrooms. I can easily see investing time to build several more communities in the near future, if not 10 to 15. Living my best life with purpose. Cheers!



Zahida A Khan
New comment 5d ago

is not staying within the text area



Ryan Herche
Sid Sahasrabuddhe
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Ted Carr
William Hall
New comment 13d ago
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    @Ted Carr meaning he’s going to continue to build Skools features, and benefits. I think the best is yet to come. I already have 4 communities, and can clearly see how I may have many more. My imagination is just now kicking in.

Can a number of qualifying questions be asked before I allow someone to join my group?



Ted Carr
William Hall
Danny Mallinder
Lucie Woods
New comment 14d ago
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    @Ted Carr I placed the questions but no place to review before sending, so I sent it to my wife, but my pre approval questions didn’t appear… can you help?

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    @Danny Mallinder thank you.

How can I add more categories for post on for my community?



Ted Carr
William Hall
Lucie Woods
New comment 14d ago

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