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Hello! I'm running a 3-week program in Skool and a few customers just encountered an issue: the "Classroom" page appears empty for them on mobile. I have a theory on why. Relevant events: 1: When starting the group, I made a "welcome" set and module. 2: I later added a "week 1" set with its own welcome module. 3: I deleted the first "welcome" set and module, since they weren't necessary anymore. My theory: I suspect that this series of actions has created some sort of "null reference" issue, where going to skool.com/groupname/classroom sometimes tries to fetch the first set and module I created, which of course don't exist any more. This issue didn't happen when the customers went to the classroom through a URL link to a specific module, though it did happen when they went to the generic "skool.com/groupname/classroom" URL It also doesn't happen on all mobile devices, and we have no reports of this issue on normal computers.



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