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5 steps to monetizing your personal development passion:
Anyone heard of a guy called Hamza? He makes millions from selling stuff he learned from reading books... And guess what? You can do the same... How do I know? Because last year I scaled my personal development coaching business to 6-figures in revenue at 22 years old. Here's how: Every single successful business in the world has 5 elements: 1. a WHO - Someone to sell to 2. a WHERE - A desired outcome that the WHO wants to achieve 3. a WHAT - A problem that prevents the WHO from reaching the WHERE 4. a HOW - A method for helping the WHO solve the WHAT and achieve the WHERE 5. a system for attracting, nurturing & converting the WHO into a customer Step 1: The WHO There are 4 elements your WHO needs in order to buy from you. They must be: 1. A growing market of people (quick google search will find this) 2. Have purchasing power (can afford your services) 3. Have a clearly defined painpoint and outcome that they want to achieve 4. Can resonate with your story (optional, but ideal) Without these elements growing your business will be a pain in the ass. Step 2: The WHERE A big problem aspiring personal development coaches make is they are generalistic with their outcome... "I help business owners make more money, be healthier and have better relationships!". Too vague. Instead find a results oriented outcome that you can attach your coaching to: "I help business owners eliminate stress & overwhelm so that they can sleep better and make revenue increasing decisions" Much more tangible, right? The best way to figure the goal out is by speaking with your WHO, and learning more about their desires. It will always be within Health, Wealth or Relationships, but it needs to be tangible. Step 3: The WHAT This is the ROADBLOCK preventing your ideal customer from reaching their goals (the WHERE)... As always, the best way to figure out these roadblocks is by speaking with your WHO about their problems... I have to mention this again because it's a massive golden nugget that I don't want you to miss.
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@Adam Trujillo I appreciate that ! :)
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@Rino Groenenberg The most important thing is that the wealth is growing, which it is! 3% of $26 Trillion is still a lot of money.
POLL: What do you sell?
Just curious what you guys sell as your "core offer" :) I have two products (not counting freebies): 1. a $7/month membership that acts as an "entry product" that gives away everything I know about starting and growing a personal development / mindset coaching business to 6-figures 2. a high ticket coaching programme that helps with implementing everything I give away in the $7/month membership, if people want more help. This is my core offer. I've made it this way so that managing it becomes a lot easier as both products offer the same result, just with 2 different levels of help, speed & certainty. What's your core offer and how do you structure your business? :)
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3 reasons personal development coaches don't reach 10k/m
When I was doing these 3 mistakes, getting clients for my Personal Development (PD) coaching business felt like throwing shit at a window hoping it will stick: 1. Selling coaching instead of selling a specific solution to a specific problem for a specific person Big mistake. Personal development coaches often struggle because their value proposition is too vague... So make sure youre super clear and specific with your ideal customer and your value proposition... And make sure you talk about how your unique method for solving that problem will result in their desired outcome. 2. Targeting the deep underlying problems in marketing, instead of surface level problems Before I started helping PD coaches grow their businesses, I was a PD coach myself... And at the beginning of my journey I would get super in the weeds about why certain people are struggling with their problems... I would speak about deep issues in my ads (like finding your purpose)... And then wonder why I wasn't getting any customers? Here's the reason: Because your customers are only aware of their SURFACE LEVEL problems, for example Things that are easy to spot, like bad habits or low productivity... But their not aware of the DEEPER problems that if solved, remove the surface level problems... So when you market your PD business make sure to address the surface level problems that your ideal customer can easily understand. This will attract them to you, which is then when you introduce them to the deeper reasons and solutions. 3. Not understanding the numbers behind the business This is the biggest reason PD coaches don't hit $10k months. If you don't understand your numbers, you don't have a business. Why? Because a business grows until it hits a constraint that prevents it from growing... And so how do we figure out the constraints of our business? You guessed it. The numbers. These are the most important numbers you need to track if you're doing purely organic: - Views per lead - Views per booked call - Show up rate - Closing rate
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The most consistent way I'm getting people into my paid membership:
Figure I'd share how I'm getting 1-2 people everyday into my paid membership. I am booking sales calls by running ads to my instagram, with the main priority to sell my high ticket programme... And very simply to those who cannot afford high ticket but still want to work with me I downsell my membership. This would work even if you have a $99 / month membership, because it's a high touch process :) Currently generating a 7x ROAS with this method. In addition to this I'm going to start automating acquisition into my community by building an email list with a strategic lead magnet and then using an upsell sequence into my low-ticket community. Will be sharing my progress if you're interested :)
3 tips to get clients without testimonials:
As a beginning coach / consultant you don't have much "social proof" to build trust with potential customers... And as we know... No trust = no sales. Here's the solution: You need to focus on Amplifying your Authority. Because authority = trust = sales. Here's are some tips to Amplify your Authority: 1. Talk frequently about your personal results. Your personal transformation is your biggest asset in the beginning stages: The situation you were in. The problems you faced. How you solved your problems with your unique method. The dream outcome that resulted in you solving your problems. All of these things will resonate with your ideal client who are solving the problems you faced & position you as an authority. 2. Stop doing "cold outreach". When you reach out to people who have never seen or heard of you... You are automatically positioned as lower authority because you come across as "needing something". Whereas if you build a social media presence and get likers, commenters, followers... Reaching out to them will be much more effective because they are already aware of you. Top tip: Always give your audience opportunities to reach out to YOU! These are your hottest leads. 3. Be a breath of fresh air in your niche Sound familiar? "3 tips to lose weight", "5 ways to make money with affiliate marketing".. If you're making content like this then you sound like everyone else. Instead... make pain-point oriented content that shows WHY your audience is stuck. This will show your audience that you know their situation better than anyone else. P.S. If you enjoyed this leave a like or comment :) P.P.S. If you want to connect with me check out my Instagram HERE where I'm active everyday.
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@Kevin Smalls Let me know how it goes!
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@Jake Enslin Let me know how it goes! :)
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