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Uday here
Hi I'm Uday from India. I'm a link-building specialist. (SEO and ranking stuff). I'm working on an AI-based conversion-focused invoice Saas product. Happy to connect and collaborate.
New comment Nov '23
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Hi @Robert Boulos Do you think this email template looks okay from your experience? Let me know if you think anything would be good to add or remove before I reach out to my ideal customers for their feedback for validation. Thanks in advance.
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Noted, thanks
Hello I am Rene from Mexico, SaaS Founder of MatchKraft
Hi Everyone, I'm Rene Tatua, the founder of Matchkraft, a SaaS platform. Over the past 3 years, I've dedicated myself to developing this SaaS, despite my initial lack of knowledge in the industry. My determination has driven me forward, and I've expanded the platform over time. Although I initially began with an idea that addressed a necessary gap, I soon realized that the market demand was limited. To increase the likelihood of success, I diversified the offerings within my SaaS. Every month, I'm seeing positive progress. Financially, I'm currently covering only server costs and some beer money. I want to get better at what I do and offer more services that fit with my SaaS. I like taking the lead in sharing what I know with others in the SaaS community. If you've got any questions, feel free to ask me anything. Speaking of which, I'm actively seeking input on my pricing strategy. The current model involves a one-time fee rather than a recurring monthly charge. Gathering feedback is paramount, and I'm particularly interested in refining this aspect. You can find the current pricing details for my SaaS here: Matchkraft Pricing. Running a SaaS has proven challenging, yet I'm resolute in my dedication to continue this journey and adapt as needed. Thanks everyone. I am here to contribute!! So, in the future I will publish some tips and tricks that I had learned hehe.
New comment Nov '23
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Interesting project👍
Joined this Amazing Community
I am the CEO of WebTose, a web design Agency. I hope best wishes with this Platform, and that God help us to grow our Business. Everyone give your Best!! Thank you
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welcome @Muhammad Jibran Jibran Happy to be here.
🚀 Watch me build a SaaS App 🚀
I'm excited to share a special video with you all. It's a behind-the-scenes look at an app I'm developing with Danny Mallinder. These videos are going to be a progress update, and also a roadmap for anyone embarking on their own app development journey. We are starting from zero here and need to move quick. Dive in to discover my strategies, insights, and the steps we're taking to turn this vision into reality!
New comment Nov '23
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Interesting stuff.
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