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Pip Decks
I purchased these about a year ago. Anyone else use these to map out their workshops? If so, what do you think of them?
LaYinka Sanni
Travis Justice
Brendon Cappelletti
Salah Bouchma
D Darren MacDonald
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    Thanks Kerri!
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    @Salah Bouchma Great! There are a lot of good exercises in there. I also have the storyteller deck and the team tactics.
Two successful workshops this week. One 4.5 hours another 6.5 hours. So many lessons learned and so many questions I want to ask on the next coaching call.
David Newman
Salah Bouchma
LaYinka Sanni
Jakub Michalski
New comment Jun 19
Mini Internal Workshop
Small 90 minute internal workshop today. Exercises included: Expert Interviews Start, Stop, Continue Straw Poll The feedback from the group, they really like the working together, alone philosophy as they all felt their voice was heard and confident to share opinions.
Rebecca Courtney
Travis Justice
Shannon Wagers
New comment Apr 25
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    @Rebecca Courtney Yes, I run internal workshops for the company I work for. As well as hybrid workshops were we bring our internal project teams in with clients and architects to make sure everyone is on the same page before the project starts.
Time Management
I have started the Design Sprint Master Class. So far so good. However, the company I facilitate for and will NEVER go for a 4 or 5 day Sprint. What is your approach for putting together a one day workshop, say that is 7 or 8 hours long?
Shannon Wagers
Bruce Stanley
David Newman
New comment Mar 23
Finished Product
I have recently started facilitating "Project Charter" sessions for our project teams. This group consists of internal and external members of the team. We provide that team with a finished "document" about a week after the session to show them what we have captured and agreed on. Is anyone else doing this? Also, would anyone be interested in a peer review of this document and offer feedback?
Shannon Wagers
Austin Govella
New comment Mar 22
It's great to be accepted into this community. I look forward to learning from you all. Besides the Workshopper playbook, and Sprint. What are your favorite facilitator development resources? Also, is the paid Master Class provide the value worth the price of admission?
Shannon Wagers
Travis Justice
Donna Benjamin
David Newman
New comment Mar 18
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