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Loaded question….
This definitely might be a bit of a loaded question… but what other course based programs do you guys like? Kajabi? Teachable? Kartra? Looking for some opinions!!
New comment Apr 14
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@Kevin Suarez Sabugo thanks for the input! Do you use Kajabi?
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@Jenny Hover why do you like Kajabi?
Greetings Team
Hi everyone. I'm Phil, currently living in West Palm Beach, FL. I ran an online entrepreneur academy for 12 years (in my 2nd language, Spanish) and traveled Latin America for 7 years, ending up in Florida. My biggest strength in the entrepreneur ladder is going 0-60. I enjoy taking things from concept to running with a steady client base. My biggest weakness is my ADD, but that makes life fun. My favorite platform for paid ads and sales funnels is FB/IG. I have a decent following on YouTube, but that's mostly from posting webinars. I'm intrigued with SKOOL - build a community model, and I'm here to learn and help in any way I can. Today I have an education company and our courses are getting installed inside US correctional facilities. I'm looking to build a virtual community for when folks get out and want to learn tech pathways to meaningful income. I also want to target youths so they can stay out of trouble. I'm driven by doing entrepreneurial ventures that make an impact in people's lives. I'd love feedback and insights on how SKOOL can work in this niche. I look forward to meeting you on this journey.
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Wow Phil! What a cool background you have! And it looks like you have a solid plan moving forward too!! Welcome and happy to have your knowledge and experience here in this community!
All you high rollers, chime in
Alright, this is for the people who have found some success in their online business so far. (Success being defined however you want, followers, 10k a month, growth etc) What is one tip that helped you get over the initial hurdles of starting? 🤔
New comment Mar 28
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@Alessandro Actis Love that. I think patience is really key in the beginning. Stay hungry but understand that some things take time and multiple iterations. And always gotta stay humble 😎
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@Magdalena Valcheva absolutely. 💯 perseverance is what sets people apart and is vital in this game.
Hi ,Butch from Lake District ,UK. Looking to be the best version of myself which is my biggest strength. Not having sufficient money to achieve this is my biggest weakness. Achieving my goal ASAP by learning from like-minded members in this community.
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@Andrew Butcher fellow newbie here. The beginning challenges are hard. But important to get through. How have you been doing with it?
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@Andrew Butcher couldn’t agree more. I’m also enjoying the process right now. I’m still fairly fresh into it so the onset of frustration from things not happening fast enough isn’t with me yet lol
Balancing act
Anyone out there still trying to launch online business while still working their normally 9-5? How are you balancing your time? How do you consistently make forward steps in your online biz?
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@Nick McCashin totally agree. I think it should be less about rigidity and more about being accountable with your time.
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@Nick McCashin that’s gold for sure. Perfection is such an obstacle that stops people so easily.
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