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Sexual Empowerment Academy

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Sexual Empowerment Academy Course & Community: Your pathway to abundance, pleasure, impact, and erotic self expression

Sexual Empowerment Community

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A membership for those ready to activate their Eros energy, dive into their aliveness, and step into epic transformation in all areas of their lives.


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WILD Tribe

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🔥Wild Wednesday Mastermind with Jules Schroeder🔥
📹 RECORDING IS NOW AVAILABLE HERE in the WILD TRIBE CLASSROOM 📹🌟 This weeks Wild Wednesday Mastermind will feature Jules Schroeder from Unconventional Life, sharing How High Level Masterminds Can Change Your Business & Life. Founder of Unconventional Life, a global community of entrepreneurs, creatives, and thought leaders. Jules hosts masterminding events for entrepreneurs in exotic locations, while also running a podcast for entrepreneurs. Jules is leading a movement for millennials to create their own nontraditional paths by prospering and profiting from doing what they are most passionate about. Mark your calendar and join us LIVE on October 25th at 8pm EST Register to join us live HERE Want to share this mastermind event with someone you know? We have promo graphics available for you to share on social media and you can send them to to join! Get your Promo Graphics HERE Share a gif below in the comments if you’re excited about this week's mastermind! 🥳 Come Be Wild with us!🔥 PS: Recordings will be available here in the Tribe Classroom and free gifts and other bonuses will be available in the Wild Universe - so be sure to join the WILD Universe!
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❤️‍🔥 INVITATION: WILD MAG Print - December 2023 - 4th Edition❤️‍🔥
Hey WILD Tribe! We are currently working on our fourth-quarter December issue of WILD Mag and the cover will be the amazing Kenya Roberson 🎉 And.... We’d love to have you featured! This is a very special opportunity for internal Tribe and Authors only. You will have a one page feature storyline for $1000 (normally $2500). You would need to supply a high resolution image and complete a feature article form. We will write the article and you will have approval rights. It will then go to print and also to the digital mag and on the website. The deadline is November 15th to have everything in. Digital mag: Website: If you would like to be included in the fourth edition, please let us know in the comments below, or send us a message! 🥰 @Rhonda Swan @Starrwyn Tonkin
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🔥Wild Wednesday Mastermind with Stephanie Jaie🔥
🌟UPDATE: The recording can be found HERE in the Tribe Classroom 📹🌟 Mark your calendar and join us LIVE with @Stephanie Jaie and @Rhonda Swan on 6th September at 8 PM EST - 🔥Please note - We are using a new streaming platform, so please Register HERE. Unleash your inner power with the 'Wild Wednesday Mastermind' session with Stephanie Jaie, where you'll learn how to transform pleasure into your superpower for success. In a world that often equates hustle with success, it’s easy to overlook the importance of pleasure as a catalyst for unlocking our full potential. This mastermind session is designed to challenge that notion and help you harness the power of pleasure to fuel your personal and professional growth. Stephanie Jaie, a renowned expert in self-empowerment, will guide you through strategies and exercises that will help you tap into pleasure as a source of strength, creativity, and motivation. You'll learn how to break free from societal norms, redefine your own path to success, and embrace pleasure as a vital component of your well-being and achievement. Join us for this transformative mastermind session and discover how pleasure can become your secret weapon for success. Want to share this mastermind event with someone you know? We have promo graphics available for you to share on social media and you can send them to to join! Click HERE for the promo graphics 🔥 Share a gif below in the comments if you’re excited about this week's mastermind! 🥳 Come Be Wild with us!🔥
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@Jessica Bouchard Definitely grab the replay in the tribe if you missed it!
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@Patty Peery loved having you there!
Input Needed - What Are Your Biggest Challenges & Desires?
Hey Women Gone Wild! I have been asked to put together a workshop for a women’s awards event all about fusing pleasure in business. I am hoping to crowd source some of the common pain points & desires felt by female entrepreneurs (can also be men but the event is for women) so that I can speak to how to solve the common pain points very specifically. If you have a moment, I would looove to receive the answers to a couple quick questions (should take 1-3 mins to complete): 1. How big is your business (annual revenue and number of staff) 2. What would you say are the top 3 challenges you have in your business right now? 3. What are your top 3 desires for your business/life right now? Thank you in advance! For everyone who answers me, I’ll happily give you a copy of the workshop for free as an energy exchange and a thank you for contributing to its creation 🥰🥰
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@Rhonda Swan Thank you babe!
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