Input Needed - What Are Your Biggest Challenges & Desires?
Hey Women Gone Wild! I have been asked to put together a workshop for a women’s awards event all about fusing pleasure in business.
I am hoping to crowd source some of the common pain points & desires felt by female entrepreneurs (can also be men but the event is for women) so that I can speak to how to solve the common pain points very specifically.
If you have a moment, I would looove to receive the answers to a couple quick questions (should take 1-3 mins to complete):
1. How big is your business (annual revenue and number of staff)
2. What would you say are the top 3 challenges you have in your business right now?
3. What are your top 3 desires for your business/life right now?
Thank you in advance!
For everyone who answers me, I’ll happily give you a copy of the workshop for free as an energy exchange and a thank you for contributing to its creation 🥰🥰
Stephanie Jaie
Input Needed - What Are Your Biggest Challenges & Desires?
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