Your "2 hour work day" blueprint for DGC!
BEFORE you can start your 2 hour work day you need to make sure you get your funnel set up! (Feel free to do this yourself or get it done for you!) And make sure you come to our M2 Mornings! We do co-working sessions together Monday through Friday. Check the calendar for the link!
  1. 30 min - create 3 pieces of content to post (these can be videos, text posts or picture posts. Don't overthink it, you can create it on canva if you want)
  2. 30 min - copy and paste ads. * MAKE A COPY - Here is a document with the links to the different places to post: (* To watch videos on how to copy and paste the ads go to your Kajabi portal and find the module with lessons in it called: How to Post Free Ads on The Internet)
  3. 30 min - responding to the CTAs (Call to Action posts) - When someone asks for more information from your ads post or from your social media CTA posts you are responding and giving them your funnel link.
  4. (optional) 30 min - go LIVE and share what you are doing! Get people excited! (If you don't want to go live, then spend another 30 min on copy and paste free ads, so you would do 1 hour total on Free ads.)
Aly Porter
Your "2 hour work day" blueprint for DGC!
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