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Feeling very blessed I could listen to the kindle version through software I have for dyslexia etc, and I got through it in literally a number of hours and I can’t wait to listen again. Every sentence is relevant, every sentence is raw, and every sentence is relatable! I actually feel safer in the world because I have something tangible for the first time in my life that makes all the anxiety and difficulty okay and validated. It’s a complete bonus to then have strategies suggested to deal with it compassionately. It’s an amazing gift. You deserve everything and more that’s happened this week Theresa!! 🐹❤️
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I did hahahahahah I listened no stop through ❤️❤️❤️❤️
International Best-Seller!!!!! ✨🥹✨
✨🎉✨ Wanted you all to be among the first to know that BECOMING MORE ME: Tapping into Success– Subconscious Secrets of an ADHD Entrepreneurial Mom has become an international bestseller today!! More details coming in tomorrow’s newsletter but for now, if you still want to grab the .99 cent launch special, or know anyone else who does, be sure to visit or share this site: to get the right Amazon links for your territory as well as the bonus free gifts… TODAY ONLY!! So grateful for your support! We did it!!! ✨🎉🎉✨
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visualised and.. tick! 🤩✅
Hello, I have received the email to purchase the book for 99 cents, yet the “click here” button isn’t facilitating anything when I click on it. :( Steph
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WEEK EIGHT of the FREE 8-Week Coaching Program Comments, Questions and Takeaways
This week we're talking about why it's so hard to slow down and how to overcome that since it's so important to our nervous system and ultimately, the manifestation of our intentions and goals into physical reality. Watch the training HERE. 🛍We're also talking about practical planning and book release bonuses! Mark your calendar for 11/6 for the digital release at the crazy price of 99 cents for that day only!🤑 ➡️Furthermore, if you've been interested in working with me in a 1:1 or Group Setting, there's a big announcement coming this weekend! I've always said that the community will be the first to know about these opportunities so just be on the lookout. Your Early Bird chance is COMING! ✨ the discussion! After watching the week 8 video, I'd love to hear your answers/perspectives on the following: 1. What feelings come up when you think about slowing down or actual find yourself in a place/circumstance/situation of slowness? 2. What do you believe it would it take for you to truly be able to slow down and release pain, stress, and anxiety so you can procure the ultimate environment for creation and manifestation in your life? 3. What things are just "filler" on your to-do list? What things are purposeful and transformative? How can you do more of the latter and raise your consciousness around the former? ✨FINALLY, Don't miss the BONUS week 9 that we're adding on for Next week! Enjoy! Thanks for being here! I so appreciate all of the vulnerable things you're sharing and the way you are all stepping up to this work and our discussions of the coaching videos so bravely! Keep up the amazing work and, if you're new, just jump in. No judgment here! You're perfectly aligned and right on time!✨
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Ahhhhh this is all so great, I’m SO excited for you @Theresa Lear Levine 😄 I have 2 questions! 1. will the 99cent digital copy be available in the UK too? Do I just go to as normal? This offer would be amazing for me as I have always planned on getting the digital/hard copy plus the audible cos of my SpLD’s 2. Will this community and the resources be available moving forward or is it for a limited time only? It would be so great to go through the course again having read the book and see if anything has changed. I know things are just, for me, exponentially changing! it’s amazing, and people that know me are witnessing it! Slowing down could never be so core to me right now. I am on a high for things aligning and wired and I know niggling at the back of my mind is that “you’re gonna burn out”, “you’re being too blunt/abrupt”, kinda thing going on. I sooo *know* I have to slow down but don’t want too yet it does snowball and the fallout can be counter to the positives if not managed appropriately. Then comes in the safety. It’s so true that actually, it doesn’t feel safe to slow down. I don’t want to lose what I’ve worked so hard to get, which is to get into a positive , fulfilling, place. It’s exciting plus hyper vigilance, and quite innate and deep. I have a day off today and I must, must rest. I just woke up and was immediately getting that to-do list together, thinking subliminally, if I just to this, this and this I’ll then rest. Actually it’s a fear of stopping. I listened to week 8, I start to notice negative thoughts stopping me from thinking I’m even allowed to rest, I hear that slowing down is okay, and I’m nearly falling asleep!! 🐹❤️😴⭐️ xxx
WEEK SEVEN of the FREE 8-Week Coaching Program Comments, Questions and Takeaways
This week, with only 11 days until book launch, we're bringing forth awareness & healing to our foundational faults & beliefs that are no longer serving us, diving into the energy of our past, money beliefs, & challenges we have slowing down. The coaching video is HERE. Let's get grounded, integrate, and rewrite the narrative to create a whole new story for our lives! ✨🙌🏻✨ Please answer the following in the comments below: Are there times in your life that your gut begged of you to listen but you did something contrary anyway? For example, What are some times that you betrayed yourself or people pleased? Or allowed urgency, scarcity or a lack mindset to support misaligned decisions? Money beliefs get wired in early! What are some Money Beliefs or Blocks that you are conscious of acquiring from your early life between the age of 5-10 years old? Where did you get them from? Do you need them anymore?
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@Theresa Lear Levine ahhhhhhhh not the money shadow questions!!! 😂 oh my days, Theresa what are you doing to me (I’m joking ❤️). I feel so safe with your videos, I feel really like you just get it. The money thing is raw for me though, it’s wrapped up in potential financial abuse that I broke out of just 4 months ago. Parental input projecting their anxiety about money onto me. It has been a lifelong thing, don’t get married in case you get divorced…. I’m 35. I completely get where you’re coming from though with money being integral to being grounded and that being settled so the body and mind can settle. We do need money to survive ….. for me, I have these out of proportion thoughts around money. I have money, I am not in debt, I have income….l and I will sometimes be 100% convinced I have nothing and am not allowed to buy food… I think it’s called a “poverty mindset”? I had 1. The “privilege” of boarding school…. 2. The burden of being the family nemesis, cos I *had* to go to a private school cos of my behaviour….. the burden to then be the family earner and pay everyone back. I would be as good as gold and achieve achieve achieve….. nothing was good enough. And yet I had learning disabilities…… I’m so happy I can change the narrative and unstick myself. It’s life saving! 🐹❤️
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Hello! I'm Steph from the UK and I have a hamster called Clarendon. We seem to have ended up doing an 8-week course WOO!! x 🐹❤️

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