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Coaching on Getting Out of Your Own Way (Full EFT Tapping Round Included!)
Get excited! The first week of Free Coaching is HERE and we're focusing on resistance, procrastination, and self-sabotage!! This Video is Full of advice and EFT Tapping for the participant I chose randomly from the comments on last Monday's post (Watch the video to see if it's YOU!). I can't wait to hear from all of you who listen in the comments below about what helped you the most and what you want to see/hear more about in future coaching sessions! This offering for free coaching will be steered in the direction that you all lead it with your comments and contributions so don't keep your ideas to yourself! A new topic will be announced on MONDAY and we'll do this all over again for another random participant's submission! What are some topics you really want coaching on? (I'm open to your ideas, nothing is set in stone!). Have a great weekend! PS. Please don't mind my super casual video with messy hair, no makeup and a ripped my world, I'm getting ready to workout, my kids are home from school and we're having a snow day. I'll always keep things real for you! ;)
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Coaching on Getting Out of Your Own Way (Full EFT Tapping Round Included!)
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@MaryAddison Yates actually I found to slow the speed down helps too. Either way with the tapping you hear the words and so does your body.❤️
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@Theresa Lear Levine when you understand that life is happening for us...we do find the gems.❤️
It's Time! Request Free Coaching NOW! Here's How...
It's our first week of FREE WEEKLY COACHING and we're going to kick it off with a bang and start by removing some blockages relating to HOW YOU GET IN YOUR OWN WAY! Here's what I need from YOU in order to be considered for coaching on FRIDAY! In the COMMENTS BELOW please provide: 1. ONE Specific way that you get in your own way. JUST ONE. We're getting SPECIFIC! 2. Describe how this behavior shows up in your life AND how long it's been happening. 3. Are there any triggers that bring on the behavior? 4. HOW do you FEEL when you do this/this occurs and WHY do you feel that way? (depending on the behavior you're sharing about, it may be helpful to share how you feel before, during or after.... ) 5. If I could wave a magic wand and get you out of your own way, how would you "show up", do this differently, change, or be transformed? Basically, what does life without this issue LOOK and FEEL like for you ideally? IMPORTANT: I can only coach based on the details you share here so make sure to give me at least a paragraph on the topics above. Details, feelings, examples, etc. are all SUPER beneficial and allow me to deliver better coaching! Please use the numbers 1-5 to answer the questions in order in the comments below. Each member of the community who answers all of the questions will be entered into this week's drawing for free coaching. On Friday, I will post a video providing coaching on that person's issue for everyone to be able to watch and benefit from. *If you haven't watched the video I posted last Thursday regarding this free coaching offering, check it out HERE
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It's Time! Request Free Coaching NOW! Here's How...
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I suppose I can honestly say I let my overwhelm of learning something new get in my way. Today for instance, I have been trying so hard to implement new things, which I need the internet for. It is glitching and buffering and freezing pretty much the whole day. Could be the storm coming in, but it overwhelmed me so much I went and swept the floor, mopped and vacuumed the whole house. Meanwhile getting nothing done. My logic brain stalls when my ancient brain thinks it has to run. Then of course I have a chatty husband. Who can talk for 10 minutes about how annoying the weather is and how the app lied to him about when the snow would show up. That energy drains me. Magic wand...fix my internet and create a pause for my husband to think before speaking. 🤣 So my brain doesn't feel like someone dumped dirt in it and I have to pause to clean it up first before I can use it again. 🤔
WEEK FOUR of the FREE 8-Week Coaching Program Comments, Questions and Takeaways
This week, I'm sharing several snippets from my new book that speak to the topic of how changing your mind changes everything. I'll be going into how I've incorporated Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) and hypnotherapy into my life and coaching practices and how you can make it work for your life and business! I'm also touching on the power of the subconscious mind and how we can rewire beliefs and behaviors. This truly is work that has the potential to change everything! Let's dig in! Watch the video for week four HERE. After you've watched the Week 4 Video, please share: 1. Do you still carry trauma from the onset (or other aspects of) the Pandemic? 2. What kinds of memories, circumstances, or behaviors you experienced as a child have led you to believe certain things as an adult? 3. What are some of the beliefs, habits, or symptoms you think you might be dealing with today as a result of your past? Changing your Mind starts NOW! Can't wait to hear your answers and support you through this! PS. Know someone who would love this training? Please share the link below with them! I thank you in advance!
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@Steph Jones well done!! Without knowing anymore than what you have written here, the level of your awareness and willingness to know, it could be and will be different, by your choice. It needs recognition. 👏👏👏🤗🤗 The road to healing is hard, but what comes out the other side when you are willing to feel and see the hard, stopping the resistance to feelings and letting them come and be seen and felt fully, will make the hard, so much more powerful to you. ❤️
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You are SO very welcome!🤗❤️
WEEK THREE of the FREE 8-Week Coaching Program Comments, Questions and Takeaways
This week, we’re flipping the switch on scarcity and lack as we explore what happens when we nurture our awareness and it begins to grow! This is literally how I've grown my 6 fig. coaching biz without undue stress or overwhelm! (and, in my past, I've built 6 fig businesses WITH undue stress and overwhelm, too, so I can really appreciate the difference this time around!) ;) We’re getting into some EFT Tapping together this week, too! Watch the Week Three video HERE. After you've watched the Week 3 Video, please share: 1. Where are you letting Scarcity and Lack creep in and Run the Show? 2. Where does the switch need to be flipped in your current narratives so that you can feel more abundant and develop a knowing that what you most desire is available to you? 3. Go over to The Private Sessions resource in the classroom and choose a session to do. There are currently more than 55 to choose from! Tell me the title of the video you watched and tapped along with and what your number was at the beginning and end as well as all of the "AHA" moments you had as you worked through the tapping round (aka. new perspectives, feelings that came up or shifted, differences from beginning to end, etc.). Each video in the private sessions resource gives detailed instructions. Have fun flipping the switch and discovering new things about yourself this week! Can't wait to hear your answers and support you through this! PS. If you know a woman who would benefit from this group and coaching, please send her the link below to invite her to join our group! We are a new a growing community and it's a beautiful time to be part of it! I'm excited to celebrate 100 Members THIS week and I thank you for being my founding members!
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Do you know what I find so fascinating. I am so loving what your video is about. It is the same stuff that I have been working on. When I first started working with you, I was stuck in procrastination. But I could not move forward from that procrastination. With the help of your coaching and EFT I was able to remove those blocks that were stuck in my body That literally prevented me from moving forward. Helping me to remove the stuck trauma in my body. I have now hit the ground running and am moving towards the goal that I want. I am seeing my end goal finally coming to light. I used to have that perfectionism attitude, I used to have to control my surroundings. While yes, it is still part of human nature to want to do those things, I recognize them for what they are. My ability to coach other people has grown exponentially. I can see better how I can help people. By holding a safe non-judgmental place for people to see their own answers. To see they have the knowledge they need. Showing up in love is so much easier now. I am so very grateful how you showed up for me. When you spoke about pain in the body, That is something that I have actively been studying and listening to in my own body. When we don't want to look at an emotion or feel an emotion, Pain will pop up in the body. It will try to distract us to keep us safe from that fear we have of feeling a certain emotional response. Our bodies love us. They want us to be safe to survive..
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@Theresa Lear Levine 🤗🤗
WEEK TWO of the FREE 8-Week Coaching Program Comments, Questions and Takeaways
Week TWO Coaching on "How to Compassionately Stop Procrastinating" is available HERE! Once you've watched the video, please share the following: 1. What resonated with you from the video? 2. What is something that you have been procrastinating on that you really want to do or accomplish in this season? 3. How do you find yourself procrastinating/What kinds of things do you do/not do when you put things off? 4. What's one thing (something easy and small) that you can commit to doing to get yourself closer to completing this particular thing BEFORE the WEEK THREE training launches next week? 5. Optional: Would you like accountability with this goal? If so, what would best serve you? Can't wait to hear your answers and support you through this! PS. If you know a woman who would benefit from this group and coaching, please send her a link to our group and invite her to join! We are a new a growing community and it's a beautiful time to join! I'm excited to celebrate 100 Members soon!
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@April Bentley I wonder what it would feel like if while you were in your head, to try on different thoughts like you were trying on clothes. For instance, I am willing to get up and walk outside. I am willing to go do.... I am willing to think I can do... I am willing to.... With each one you ask yourself, check in to see what kind of feeling it creates inside your body. If it feels better, keep going. Then get up and do the actions. Check again to see how your body is feeling. You have power over your thoughts. You get to chose where you put them. Do you want to keep telling yourself that you are that person? Or that you used To be that person and are now "this" person.
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