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Accelerating to fail
Today, I'm going to accelerate. I've been working for months on a landing page/simple website. I've set up a new system for booking lessons and payments. I'm scared to put it out there to current and prospective learners. What if it's all a disaster? I've resigned from my job so I desperately need this to work! Trying to have courage to do this by remembering the motto "accelerate to fail" from one of the courses on here. My system might fail. But if it does, I can learn from the failure, improve and fail better the next time. Anyone else accelerating these days?
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Paid or free
Hi! Quick question. Does the 5in30 offer have to be free? I understand why you suggest doing it for free, however, my intention was to give it to the 7 people in my membership for free (and ask for feedback) and offer it at a beta price (- 25-50%???) to the wider world in exchange for feedback. The course will be a gateway into my membership (includes 1 month's access with the hope they'll stay on - price of this is 12 euros a month) and not high ticket so a beta price would be low, 19 euros 🤔... I'm a bit tired of offering free stuff and paying to work 🤣 I need to start at least covering my costs 4 years in 🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️ I've also had people in the past not sign up for free because they feel bad. And those that do are less invested as they didn't pay. Thanks! @Michael Landry @Andrew Woodbury @Leonardo Gomes
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@Lisa Jayne Wood This sounds just like me..."trying not to let my perfectionist ways paralyse me." I can empathise!!
Heya 👋🏻
I'm Sinzi, I've first joined the Teacherpreneur Network last year while I was doing my Dip/Delta so I didn't have very much time to explore back then or to properly introduce myself. When I first joined I was really into emergent language, as that was what I was researching for my DIP papers so I read and listened to a lot of the materials (podcasts, meetings, etc) the boys offered on this topic. Now, I'm back, this time looking into the course 5in30. My business goal for the next 30 days is to get my summer school courses/offer sorted out, start selling it and then teach 😁 Feedback is more than welcome 🙏🏻
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Hello! It's great to have a goal. I hope it all goes well for you.
On track
It's been a while since I've been here. Life got busy! But I just wanted to share some recent wins. I'm on track with some goals I set for myself as a result of some of the courses on here. I've resigned from my job and will finish there at the end of June. I have also left the underpaying TEFL platform I was using. My list of contacts is growing and I've managed to successfully receive payments from China. I even increased my price. Looking forward to being able to take on more private students from July onwards and make this my main source of income rather than just a sideline. I hope everyone is also enjoying some wins and keeping on track. Anyone else want to share some of their wins?
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I've just finished part 5 of module 1 of the 5in30 course. The take-away for me is my need to establish myself in the world of the typical student in my niche. As my niche lies in China, I was advised by a friend to start using WeChat. I'm still very new to it and therefore don't know much about it. Does anyone here have any insight into how I can use WeChat for the purpose of my TEFL business? Any ideas will be appreciated. Thanks.
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Thanks @Michael Landry for your detailed response. In answer to your question, I live in the UK. Interesting that you mention payments. I tried linking my bank details with WeChat but this was unsuccessful. I have a friend from the UK who lives in China and the one private student I currently have paid him through WeChat and he transferred the money to my UK bank. I realise this is not very professional and is not a long- term solution. He is currently researching other ways for me to receive payments directly from students in China. I'm at the very early stages of my business and currently "accelerating to fail!" I must look into the function similar to reels, although this is pushing me very much out of my comfort zone! I hadn't thought about the possibility of students and contacts sharing my QR code, so I must look into that too. Thanks again for all these helpful ideas.
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