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Introduce Yourself! (Start Here - Please Read 👀 )
Welcome to the Dream Clients Club! You are now entering a fun, supportive and safe space for entrepreneurs, coaches and consultants. It's the place to collaborate, share and support others as you grow your income and impact, and create a lifestyle you love (without burning out, feeling fake or compromising on your integrity!). Here's EXACTLY what to do first: Step 1: Introduce yourself HERE using this Copy/Paste Template: Where do you live? Share 3 things about you that we won't find on your bio? Where's your favourite place to hangout online? What do you want immediate help with inside of this community? *** Best practices in this community: • Unlock training by commenting and posting your insights in the community. • Hit 'Like' 👍 on every helpful post or comment you see to help others level up. • When you write a post, break up your paragraphs into single sentences like I am doing now - this way more people will read what you write, and respond. • Add your profile picture. • Be generous and supportive always. • If you ever get stuck, feel overwhelmed, are not sure what 'next step' to take, just ask the community. ------ Group Rules: 1) No Self Promotion 2) No Selling in the DM's 3) No Spamming the Community Feed Let's keep this a space where we all grow and enjoy hanging out.
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@Jasmine Nagnoug It doesn't feel natural telling all to unknown people does it. V difficult to appreciate. On the other hand, I have made real friends through social media even if I haven't met them.
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Busy lady!!
Black Friday starts today! 🖤 🥳
Black Friday gives me a wonderful excuse to bring you some bonus support as you grow your business. And since I'm really excited about this year's offer - I decided not to wait until Friday 😂 I've created a one-off bundle for you with ALL my courses and masterclasses related to online business growth. Together, these are worth around $1,500 - but from today you can get them all for just $67!!! To claim your bundle, is click here now. Inside the bundle, you'll access: - Getting Started with Social Media online course ($247)   - Marketing Made Simple 12-part course ($247)   - Build Your Ideal Website and Get Found Online Masterclass ($97)   - Communicate with Impact: The Four Golden Rules for Success course ($97)   - Create Your Feel Good Funnel Course ($247)   - Creating your Client-Getting Mission Statement Masterclass ($97)   - Visibility Confidence - Guided Meditation ($67)   + Secret Bonus (worth $247) Right now you can access all these courses and tools for just $67! And now you know why I'm so excited 😉
Rosemary Bointon
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Yes, I took advantage - thank you Melitta
Congratulations to our Winners 🙌
Congratulations to @Margit Takacs and @Carmen Mitroescu who have both one the BIG prize in our Landing Page Challenge. That means they will both get a big boost to their business with a Done-for you landing page, 5-part Follow-up system, and a complete 'Create your Feel Good Funnel' training - a bundle worth $1,500!!! Congratulations ladies - and do share your landing pages with us once they are done!
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Congratulations you two. And well done Melitta for setting up such a challenge.
Introducing Your new Tech Wizard!
Hi everyone, I'm excited to introduce you to @Genc Doda, founder of Thrive Digital. Genc supports my business with his tech and digital marketing expertise and I'm excited that he has agreed to support you too by managing the new 'Tech and Digital' category here in the Dream Clients Club. He can talk about websites, funnels, emails, systems and lots more! 🤔 What questions do you have for Genc? 🤔 What topics would you love for him to cover? Let us know below 👇
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Genc Doda
Rosemary Bointon
Mary Vaz
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I find all the tech stuff quite difficult mostly because the instructions are written so badly. I am always needing tech help on my blog. However, one thing I am kind of already dreading learning about is how to get set up to use Amazon affiliate links on my blog and elsewhere. I have currently got somebody to help me with designing a landing page for the book I have written and which will be up on Amazon in a couple of months. But when I write and publish supporting articles it will be very useful to include product links. I also find it quite difficult to include convert kit type links as well. A session on setting up those kinds of funnels would be very very welcome!!
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Thank you! Much appreciated.
Are you ready to WIN BIG????
Like, $1,500 BIG?! ----> Stay tuned for details of the Landing Page Challenge starting next week. OR, if you are as impatient as I am, you can get all the details and a head start in the competition by here: (the official start date is 13 October, but if you want to already start inviting people, I'll make sure these are counted in the prize draw)
Rosemary Bointon
Melitta Campbell
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I am just doing one right now and agonising on what to say!!
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I am reviving my website, and hope to publish a book shortly. I'm passionate about getting the most out of our longer lives.
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