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VSL Opt in messaging
When you launch a new VSL funnel with YT ads (call funnel). How do you usually find out your "messaging" on the opt in page for the headline? Fore example, a fitness offer. "How to lose weight using "New opportunity" under 30 days" How can I figure out a good messaging for that? @Brian Moncada
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@Andreas Johansson How’s it going man. What having a good message comes down to is being able to different yourself and position yourself as the Only Best Choice in your vertical/niche. This is offer packaging & positioning. (It’s in the course somewhere) and other courses as well like on (Alex Hormozi) For a fitness offer because there is so many of you out there 😂 I would look at focusing on a VERY Specific Problem for a Very Specific Target Market essentially carving your own piece of the industry and being know as the best there is. Now some tactical stuff: Identify your top 3-5 direct competitors and extract their funnel links, Headlines, Hooks, USP, Mechanism Identify your the awareness levels and stage of market sophistication. Doing this will help you identify what kind of copy to use in your messaging. For your optin going to a VSL would be a stronger headline to what you mentioned along with some bullets stating what they will learn in the Free Movie or training etc… Before you run traffic or even promote this you need to dive into and craft your message. This shouldn’t take longer than 1 week if you lock in focused. Based on your question I feel like you should start by doing a competitive analysis and then writing some killer headlines. Start with about 20 then cut it down to 10 then cut it down to the top 3. 🔥
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@Andreas Johansson awesome. Time to write some headlines for your markets sophistication and awareness levels. 🔥
Who is the Brian Moncada of Facebook/IG Ads?
Who has the best course or mastermind group for Facebook/IG VSL funnels in the coaching + consulting world?
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Sending you a DM
Facebook Ad Creative Designer?
Hey! Looking for someone who can make some creatives for retargeting ads on Facebook/IG. They will run to a VSL for health coaches teaching them how to get 5-10 new clients a month. I've got tons of photos we can use for them, just need some help adding some scroll-stopping text and formatting for them!
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Sent you a DM @Dr. Matt Shiver
Hello Adspend Squaad.
Hey everyone, my name is James. A Canadian living in Jakarta, serving coaches, consultants and agencies with YouTube & video marketing strategies. I came across Brian in the WeTube course and since then have been keeping a close eye on his content and learning how to crush YouTube ads. I’m hoping to gain the following from this community. 1. Build new friendships with ambitious, like-minded people. 2. The confidence to add YouTube Ads to my list of services. 3. What life is like as a successful Ad Man! My background is an odd combo of professional motocross racing & 10 years growing social media accounts on nearly every platform. Looking forward to meeting some of you & becoming an Ad Man.
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James what's up man. Fellow Canadian here as well and Video advertising is my JAM. Feel free to connect. ✌️
🚀 $5K Retainer + Performance + Equity
Gratitude and thanks to @Brian Moncada for dropping tons of value all over social and now in this group. After working with guys Like Tony Robbins, Dean Graziosi, and many others I didn't fully own the value I created for business owners and often doubted myself at times as a creative video marketer. Adding paid traffic to my already proven Video Ad frameworks allowed me to really unlock a new level of impact and income. 🔥 Here is the first showcase of 1 ad variation I've created for my client Geoship that we just launched today:
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@Sunny Sunny 💪🏼
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@Jason Stoelk 🙏🏼
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