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New features to help you make money by referring people to Skool: 1. Auto-affiliate: If somebody creates a group from your group we'll pay you 40% automatically. 2. The affiliate program is now open to everybody! 3. Easy access: Click your user icon --> Refer --> Copy/paste your link 4. Join our Skool Affiliates community here to get ideas, inspiration, support, etc. 5. Watch our "Affiliate 101" mini-course here to see 8 proven ways to promote Skool Watch the video to learn more. Let's make some money! 💰💰💰



Sean McLellan
Cody McDowell
Bruno Domingues
Steven Souther
Eben Wilson
New comment Aug 17
  • 5 likes • Aug 11

    It’s a killer referral scheme though!

  • 1 like • Aug 12

    @Sam Ovens This would be awesome!

Is there anywhere we can see open or click rate for posts that are broadcasted? Tried searching but nothing come up so apologies if this has been addressed before.



Sid Sahasrabuddhe
Rob Mayzes
New comment 8d ago
  • 0 likes • 8d

    @Sid Sahasrabuddhe wow, how are you tracking that? Is that including Apple Privacy Opens? And re-opens? We have 3k people in one community so I doubt our open rate is 100%

I'm wondering if you can set it so I can create a category that goes only with a certain member level access, that way my advanced members comments are not shown in the entire group if the person is not at a certain member level.



Shawn Moore
Rob Mayzes
Sid Sahasrabuddhe
Terry Lamb
Brenzen Zettl
New comment 13d ago
  • 2 likes • 14d

    We've also been thinking about this, for now we've going to create a new Skool group for the more advanced students.

Hey @Sam Ovens, is there any way around the 200 module limit? We're building a whole new program, about 2/3 through, and we've hit the limit. Our approach is to have lots of shorter lessons to create a feeling of momentum rather than having fewer long videos.



Sam Ovens
Rob Mayzes
New comment 14d ago
  • 3 likes • 14d

    @Sam Ovens Ah I see, I thought it was per Skool group. Thanks!

Love the new feature that enables adding events to Google calendar. Bit of a pain doing them one by one though - perhaps there would be a way to add all repeating events to my calendar, or at least all events in one month?



Nick Guadagnoli
New comment Jan 4

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