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Maybe some of you saw Publer’s emails in the past week.
If not, you can read their "funny" email below. The important question here is: what do you think about clickbaits or misleading subject lines in B2B marketing? Is all publicity (good or bad) beneficial? 🤔 Write your opinion in the comments and let’s debate this together!
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I made my opinion clear by posting about this on LinkedIn and getting a more engaged post than I would have thought. So clearly it divided people. I'm in camp "judging the clickbait". Also, on top of what Claudiu said, I get the funny and laid back, I don't get the we're closing down - ah, no, kidding, got your attention. That's not funny, that's risky. And lazy in my opinion
March B2B Marketers Club
Our March B2B Marketers Club event is addressing a topic that made the community possible, too: 𝗣𝗮𝗿𝘁𝗻𝗲𝗿𝘀𝗵𝗶𝗽𝘀 🤝. 🙌Join us on the 25th of March at 18:30 for a new networking evening, both in-person at BISM - Bucharest International School of Management (Bd. Dacia 99, 3rd floor) and online, where we'll explore how to build partnerships that truly work for you. These amazing people will share their insights with us: 💚Natalia Dărăbăneanu, Co-Founder Marketing Takeover 💚Irina Ianculescu, Co-Founder Marketing Takeover 💚Jean Moncrieff, Founder and CEO Emerge Studio 💚Florin Grozea, Entrepreneur, Founder MOCAPP 👉Find out more and sign up: ••• The B2B Marketers Club community is developed by STOICA.CO, eMarketing Stars and Milk & Cookies .Studio
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Easy enough to understand?
In Micro Focus (now OpenText) we have our IT Services organization called Professional Services. We had a huge refresh of the page and we moved from 15+ Services pages (1 per each product portfolio) to a more customer centric webpage - telling the story of our customer's the digital transformation journey and the services we have to empower them in their journey. We have an Overview page and 4 extensions - Advisory Services, Value Realization, Optimization Services and, the most complete of our offerings, Value+ Services. The main purpose was to tell a story that customers can resonate with and simplify our GoToMarket message. What do you think?
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Hi @Carmen Burcea! The pages look good, I like the transition between different sections and how it's clear they talk about different things. On top of what Natalia said above, I would also focus more on benefits for the customer. For example here: Value+ Build your digital solution. We help you enable the features and functions of your software to maximize its value. Get solutions up and running smoothly, optimized for your environment, and adopted by your users. I'm not sure what you mean by reading it (though I might not be in the target audience). But I would make it more clear what features and functions are you talking about? What problem are you helping them solve? And what do you do that is better (or makes you stand out) against competition? I'd say these are fine tuning stuff, you've done a great job on the page!
February event - Monday, 25 February
Everyone in and out of Bucharest - see you next week! On Monday, we're hosting our next live event, hybrid, and we'll be presenting the results of our B2B CEE Trendbook. Sign up here:
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Say hi!
Hi everyone! We're SLOWLY bringing in people. But since WE'RE already here, let's introduce ourselves to get to know each other. Who are you? Where are you from? What do you like doing most? What would you need help with? So.. I'm Andrei, running a digital marketing agency. Based in Bucharest. I like building stuff, anything that needs building, I'm happy to do it. I'm learning about business development these days and how to be a better manager (as opposed to a freelancer). Happy to have all of you here!
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Hi everyone! I'm Raluca, born and raised in Bucharest, my favourite city to live in! I run an events & lead gen marketing agency and what I like the most (work wise) (surprise, surprise). Outside work, I like creative stuff (like building Lego, painting - by numbers mostly), social stuff (going out with friends, pub quizes, salsa dancing) and sports related activities. Now I need help with business development, which I'm struggling to create a strategy and stick to it, since I mostly don't know where to start/what to do. And I'm happy to be here!
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