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View LTV Inside Dashboard?
Is there a view LTV (lifetime value) of members without having to view each individual member? Use case: 1) View LTV Instantly - Something that would show on Dashboard Paying Members, MRR, LTV, Churn % 2) Determine a better pricing strategy, if LTV is $150, selling the group for a 1 time fee of $499 may increase LTV + reduce dealing with churn and improve cash flow
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@Kevin Wong Can you post it here?
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@Jt K I can see it if I click Members -> Membership -> Subscription But you can't see the LTV of each member within the community You'd have to manually input copy and paste that data into a spreadsheet for every member then divide it by the number of members
Ability to Remove Non-Paying Members Via Zapier
I give people access to my paid Skool if they 1) Pay directly via Skool 2) Become a paying affiliate for softwares I promote I do have an automation that emails me everytime someone cancels as a paying affiliate, but I have to manually check and cross reference to find the user + Sometimes they have different email addresses/names It would make things way easier to add a simple Zap to remove members from Skool
Click A Hyperlink To See Your Affiliates
I have people using my Skool Affiliate link and either are in "Trial" or "Paying" for Skool When searching the name of the Skool Group in the Discover feature it doesn't always match the name of the group. Feature Request: 1) Be able to click the link of the group started using my link 2) Be able to click the link of the group owner that used my link Use case: So that I can DM them, help them and convert them from trial into paid Or help them succeed by making sure they have questions answer after already paying
Possibility of a 'Remove from Group' Skool Zapier Action?
Use case: I use separate billing for my Skool group for those that sign up with me as a paying affiliate of another software. Example 1 is currently, possible, but Example 2 currently is not. Example 1: Customer pays as an affiliate -> send webhook -> add to group Example 2: Customer cancels as an affiliate -> send webhook -> remove from group It would be awesome to have a 'Remove from Group' Zapier action so that I could automate the removal of cancelled subscribers without manually having to track them down via other software/Skool
New comment Mar 27
Possibility of a 'Remove from Group' Skool Zapier Action?
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@Joseph Henry Agreed!
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Hey everyone, I came up with a decent short term solution, check this out:
Here's How To Auto Remove Non-Paying Skool Members With Separate Billing
Wanted to share a workaround fix for people using separate billing for their Skool Groups. For example: Let's say you use stripe to bill members for your monthly subscription, but you don't want to have to manually cross reference paying/non-paying members in Skool to make sure the correct people have access. Maybe you charge a setup fee, or are an affiliate for other softwares which grant people access to your stuff so not everyone pays directly via Skool. Step 1: I created a course inside my paid community (which has only certain members have access) permissions called 'Subscription Failed' Step 2: Build a Zapier Workflow to trigger on the failed payment and use the action 'Unlock Course' for people when their payment fails, then select your 'Subscription Failed Course'. The course can also be a short video tutorial showing people how to gain access again. Step 3: In the members tab, you can filter by only the people who have access to the 'Subscription Failed Course' and simply remove them! I have been thinking about this for quite a while and think this is a decent short term solution that way it'll save me a lot of time cross-referencing my list and who is on Skool My main revenue stream is being an affiliate for another software so people get access to the community as long as they keep their subscription active
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Here's How To Auto Remove Non-Paying Skool Members With Separate Billing
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