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How do you incorporate AI in your marketing activity?
Today, a funny thing happened at work. I was on a call with @Andrei Stoica, and a partner joked about how half of the audience is AI 😅. We're not afraid that AI will take our jobs (we're smart people - just to set things straight from the start🤣); we even let it learn from us. 🦸 It gives us, in return, the best meeting notes, takeaways with links to the dedicated sections from the recording, easy integration with other tools (e.g., Hubspot, G-Suite, Teams, Zoom), and the next steps laid out in an easy-to-follow to-do list, transcripts of our talk, and a follow-up email. All for free. 😎 It helped me focus better and have more meaningful discussions with my clients (I remember how fragmented my calls were because I needed to stop & ensure I noted down everything essential🫣). If you haven't explored them yet, here are my best AI Meeting Assistants: - Bubbles, I've learned about it from @Liana Stoica, and I love that it understands Romanian so well 🫶 - Fathom, I've learned about it from @Daniel Secareanu, and I like the takeaways, the upcoming call notification, and the easy integration with Hubspot & G-suite. Bonus - my Grammarly pal ensures I write like a native English speaker and helps me improve my vocabulary. And ofc, chatGPT (I won't link anything here for obvious reasons 🫠), with whom I always have respectful talks (saying "please," "thanks," and "you did an awesome job here" ✌️) when it helps me shorten the copy I provide for my clients for the X platform. I H-A-T-E-D this tedious task before AI. That's about it. My almighty AI tech stack 😅. I'm genuinely looking to expand my toolbox, so note in the comments what your preferred tools are.
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Testing a new social listening tool that integrates Copilot for delivering insights/summaries. YouScan is called. So far so good. I also did use ChatGPT to identify opps to create new products/subscriptions for a client of mine - results were ok-ish, but not wow, maybe I need to optimize my prompt.
Maybe some of you saw Publer’s emails in the past week.
If not, you can read their "funny" email below. The important question here is: what do you think about clickbaits or misleading subject lines in B2B marketing? Is all publicity (good or bad) beneficial? 🤔 Write your opinion in the comments and let’s debate this together!
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After I commented on @Raluca Apostol 's post on LinkedIn, I saw a similar approach from an organization that I admired - LEADERS, on Facebook. I cringed, they had a black background and announced they were closing down. April Fool's. I am all for not taking yourself too serious, but I get annoyed with any type of clickbait and as a user I tend to not engage with clickbait newsletters after they fooled me once. But apparently the campaign does deliver results for them...not sure how many times they will use this tactic...
TikTok for B2B: Yay or Nay?
Big fan of the 'one platform does not fit all' idea here. But now, I'm starting to believe with a little creativity, TikTok can work for any business. That’s why we’ve recently launched a TikTok channel for a client, and I'm patiently waiting to see it go viral 🫠. How about you? Do you think B2B TikTok is worth a shot for everyone?
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Hi! I think it depends on the industry and available resources. Who will script and shoot the videos? Is the company ok with a non formal approach? Also, some industries are regulated and cannot choose that freely while others are so niche that unless you find the right angle you might end up wasting a lot of resources that you can invest in channels that can drive predictable results. But I also do have my doubts regarding the numbers TikTok reports. Maybe I am old enough to remember the Facebook video scandal ages ago - they were caught reporting inflated number of views. It helped put a lot of media businesses out of business. I have a flashback when I see videos on TikTok reach impressive number of views....
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