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Best web scraper
Hey everyone, do you have a fav web scraper? I need to get specific criteria for real estate agents off of Zillow. TIA!
New comment Mar 7
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You can also play around with asking with dish recommendations for restaurants close to the listings or other things. (depending on where the listing is and if they have anything noteworthy or not close) P.S. works for other industries to, so be creative.
1 like • Mar 6
@Anita Marie You're welcome! go crush it 🦾
Getting prospects on a zoom meeting
I find it really difficult to get people on a zoom meeting with me through cold outreach. My main focus of cold outreach has been through email, and almost nobody even replies. Should I do cold outreach through instagram dm or something else? If so please let me know! I’m also curious to know what is your preferred method of cold outreach and why? What made the difference in outreach that got you more clients? I’m looking forward to hear all of yours tips or opinions.
New comment Mar 5
1 like • Mar 4
A jack of all trades is a master of none ;) GHL got too much other stuff to actually make email systems work
2 likes • Mar 5
@Jonathan Billington Smartlead or Instantly is industry standard for cold emails, GHL works well as a CRM etc. Just their email systems are not where you want them if you are doing cold emails.
Question: For people who do cold email outreach.
Which outreach platform do you use? lemlist, instantly, smartleads? hard to choose one. What else is available?
New comment Mar 10
4 likes • Feb 29
Instantly and smartlead is industry standard. Smartlead currently has a 1-UP as they have an API that actually works, in terms of building anything automations into your email workflow. Lemlist charges on account basis so they tend to get very expensive compared to instantly/smartlead and has no selling point to weigh up for that. If i was tarting out again, I'd aim for smartlead right away.
0 likes • Mar 2
@Tieng J A jack of all trades is a master of none. (referring to Lemlist's LI feature) I prefer using platforms that are used for the specific use-cases, this also tends to give me more angles of segmentation and personalization that gets reflected in the positive reply rates. All platforms with email warmup has recently faced warmup issues, there's nothing they could do about it. It was googles new FEB2024 rules kicking in blacklisting and acting on all the accounts that were sending more than 5k/day. meaning a big portion of their warmup pool suddenly started having issues from google's side, meaning they had to tweak the backend algorithms for the warmups to work around this as well as watering out all the "bad apples" that were within google's new policies to clean the warmup pool. Maybe they could have taken some precautions, but I know others that had issues in their warmup pools too because of this. Yeah you hit the nail on the head. 3 accounts/domain 50/day per acc -> 30Cold 20Warm There's a lot of factors that play into what you can do in terms of volume on accounts, if 100% of ppl u send to reply to your emails and have conversations with you, you can increase it and decrease the warmup, vise versa with bad response rates. Tons of other things like spam words in copywriting, links, bouncerates,etc.etc. play in too, so without knowledge on deliverability (even with knowledge) its easy to stick to those numbers
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