Join​ startup with a small team, good chemistry, unusual pay, and a bold mission to educate Earth.

It’s called Skool — ​We’re building a social learning network where people can join niche communities, learn things, solve problems, make friends, and have fun. We don’t see our platform as ​“the thing”​. It's the thing that gets you to the thing — finding purpose and human connection in the real world.

We believe — ​education should be lifelong, fun, done with friends, personalized, accessible to everyone, and emerge naturally from p2p interactions, not static textbooks with a teacher in a room.


Meet the team

Daniel Kang (Teriyaki), CTO

  • Works on Skool using Go

  • Backend code makes him happy 

  • Nicknamed Teriyaki because he ate it for 1-month straight

  • Loves distributed systems

  • Early employee at Riot Games

Marek Publicewicz (Uncle), Software Engineer

  • Works on Skool using React

  • Frontend code makes him happy

  • Nicknamed Uncle because his friend called him Uncle only once

  • Loves browsers

  • Built dozens of web apps as a freelancer to startups

Sam Ovens, CEO

  • Works on Skool vision, product, growth, and design

  • Building products makes him happy 

  • No nickname because he gave Uncle and Teriyaki theirs 

  • Loves solving complex problems

  • Started Consulting.com and grew it to $30m /year

YOU (soon to be named), Software Engineer

  • Want to work at a startup on a small team

  • Have built web applications you can show us

  • Love browsers

  • Act like an architect to keep the code elegant and maintainable

  • Have high attention to detail and “feel” for interfaces

  • Strong understanding of ES6, React, Redux, REST, and DOM

And this important stuff

  • Our office is located at 111 Main Street, El Segundo, 90245, California

  • We work in-person at the office everyday and we enjoy being there

  • Work ethic, getting things done, speed, high standards, and craftsmanship are important to us

  • We optimize for building, not process. We talk face-to-face, whiteboard, make lists, build. (no Jira)

  • We’re looking for a founding member of this team, a true owner, contributor, and friend

  • We’re well funded, product is built with users in private beta, need validated, big roadmap ahead

  • $150-$220K base and up to 2.0% equity

  • Full health benefits, car park included, we cater lunch + dinner daily, amazing coffee, stocked fridge

Want to join us on this journey?

​Show us something you’ve built and let’s start the conversation from there.

Go to skool.com/build to apply.