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Bear Walks for Core Strength!
Here's your weekly CORE challenge: Ever try this 'animal movement' thing to increase strength and mobility in the body? I'm telling you, your core will fire up with this one! Let me know your thoughts on this - try it a few times and see if you can get the hands and feet to move at the same time as you pull the belly in. Really work to articulate the placement of the hands and feet as you walk around. What's cool about the Bear Walk is that it teaches us to feel confident on our hands as well as helping us move from our core in order to walk around. You do need to warm up a little bit before trying this, so head into a few cycles of sun salutations first - then channel your inner bear and walk around on your hands and feet. Try up to five minutes a day this week and notice the change in your body and mind. Please comment below what you liked (or didn't like!) about this.
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Bear Walks for Core Strength!
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Love this. Adding.
Snow-ga, anyone???
It's a winter wonderland out! Do you do yoga in the snow?? If so, HOW? I was on a run with Eric yesterday and the snow was blowing in my face, eyes, ears, all the places. It was at that very moment when the word, "Snow-ga" (snow/yoga) came to mind. I know there are teachers who do it, and students who love it. I'd love to know more. Here's a snow-ga pro: Handstand exit strategy *might* be easier when you can just fall in a pile of fluffy snow! And a snow-ga con: It's freaking COLD. And WET. (oh wait, that's two cons....) Please help me understand this phenomenon. Also, please help me name this group - additional poll pinned at the top of this page.
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Snow-ga, anyone???
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I definitely like a cool breeze from an open window but that's kind of where it ends for me. 🤣
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@Nancy Gruen I’m not sure about easier, but certainly less strength needed as it seems like it gives good stability. I feel like if I can get comfortable with going upside down while I’m building strength, it will give me more confidence once I’m strong enough to really hold myself up. I’m kinda bottom heavy… 🤣
Poll: What are your goals for 2023?
HI everyone, Welcome to Skool! This is a very new platform for me (I think it's new in general), so thank you for your patience as I get to know it. I'll be posting extra classes, content, and FUN YOGA INFORMATION here for you to read (or not). I'll also be posting courses you can register for, if you feel that would be fun for you. I'm taking a poll: what are your goals in your practice in 2023?
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Sexy poses and feeling stronger are a def close second!
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@Jenni Cunningham is there a place to listen? Spotify?
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