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Lesson 36: My holiness envelops everything I see.
๐Ÿงฉ Back to the Perceived ยฐยฐยฐยฐยฐยฐยฐยฐยฐยฐยฐยฐยฐยฐยฐยฐยฐยฐยฐยฐยฐยฐยฐยฐยฐยฐยฐยฐ ๐Ÿ“˜ "Todayโ€™s idea extends the idea for yesterday from the perceiver to the perceived. ยฒYou are holy because your mind is part of Godโ€™s. ยณAnd because you are holy, your sight must be holy as well. โดโ€œSinlessโ€ means without sin. โตYou cannot be without sin a little. โถYou are sinless or not. โทIf your mind is part of Godโ€™s you must be sinless, or a part of His Mind would be sinful. โธYour sight is related to His Holiness, not to your ego, and therefore not to your body." (ACIM, W-36.1:1-8) ๐ŸŒŸ We can see the care with which Jesus, in these lessons, has us move our attention from the outer to the inner and then back again. The point is for us to see the sameness of the perceiver and the perceived. Ideas do not leave their source, they either project to their likeness, with the ego; or extend to their likeness, with the Holy Spirit. This is akin to recognizing the tree by its fruits, or as the saying goes, "Tell me what you see [think], and I'll tell you who you are [and what you think]". ๐ŸŒŸ This first paragraph is one of these very explicit passages. Jesus doesn't hold anything back for us to guess or understand later but unfurls a logic that is difficult to argue with. He makes it obvious that if we are having a hard time feeling our holiness enveloping everything we see, this must be because we project our guilt instead of extending our innocence. Once again, it is a step in the right direction when we realize that. ๐Ÿ”Ž โ€œThis is another example of what we have referred to as a Level One statement, meaning that something either is wholly true or wholly false; there is absolutely no compromise between non-duality and duality. Statements such as these form the bedrock for the thought system of A Course in Miracles: its uncompromising metaphysics. We either sinned against God by separating from Him; or we did not, thus remaining as God created usโ€”at one with Him Who is our Source.โ€ Excerpt from Journey through the Workbook of "A Course in Miracles", Kenneth Wapnick, Vol. 1, p. 110.
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What a beautiful reminder. Thank you, Leila for sharing this wonderful teaching with us. Most grateful..
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Iโ€™ve gotten two people scamming me from this group. Is there a way to stop or report these people?
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I got the same massage from the same woman. This person is a scammer. How can we block her?
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Journaling with Lesson 16
You have no neutral thoughts because each thought results in how you choose to define yourself, others, and the world around you. Today, we recognize that every thought within the thinking mind is not but a declaration upon the world, about your perceived self. In body-time-self, you do not recognize the Supreme Power of Creation. Understandably so! This Power is tremendously, expansively more than any limited thinking mind can begin to conceptualize. Ultimately, this Power is within You, as Same-Self-Source, because You are Source's Pure Extension โ€“ Being radiant and luminous as Source IS evermore. Creationโ€™s natural tendency is to create or to further extend. Extend you shall, either mindlessly through illusions or in Truth. Yes, only Truth contains Reality and so has Pure Awareness; but, this does not mean that you in body-time-self cannot recognize the results of your thinking. This is why, in todayโ€™s practice we call attention to their being no neutral thoughts. You, as Created by Source, are not neutral and neither can any part or proclamation from You be neutral. Beloved, become conscious of this ability to channel the Power of Ultimate Being and not but every explanation of every form within the world is realized. The course of your choice for either Truth or illusion can make your life one of Heaven or hell. The presence of a self-designated hell will most likely be an unconscious choice, projected out to be a result of blame, shame or guilt and lack, loss or limitation; however, self-proclaimed this experience still remains. See the opportunity to release your mind! Reframe and absolve each hellish proclamation seen within you and by you, directed towards or perceived to be received by the world. Here, not but Peace and Love are Seen as You. The Seeing of Wholeness cannot exist in time; while also, your accomplishments through these practices will lead you to the Realization beyond every imagining. Here, like a simple doorway, you cannot but step through. Before we begin to wonder how close we are or how much we have accomplished and in what state this advancement or retreat proceeds, we simply shall practice. Stay with Me in this moment to choose again and the distance does not matter. This is why, outside of time and the temptation to define, I call this the Journey without distance. For here you seem to be in now. Where we proceed is not but the Only Place that Knows You as Truth.
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Fantastic revelations. Thank you for sharing. So grateful for your commentary.
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Hello All
Curious to know if anyone else is doing the Lie of Lack Course and would like to compare notes. I would like some guidance on some of the material. Thank you. Malcolm in Tucson, AZ
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Good to recall often
โ€œLet nothing trouble you, let nothing worry you. Everything always passes away except God. God alone is sufficient.โ€ - Dr. Norman Vincent Peale
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