Journaling with Lesson 16
You have no neutral thoughts because each thought results in how you choose to define yourself, others, and the world around you. Today, we recognize that every thought within the thinking mind is not but a declaration upon the world, about your perceived self. In body-time-self, you do not recognize the Supreme Power of Creation. Understandably so! This Power is tremendously, expansively more than any limited thinking mind can begin to conceptualize. Ultimately, this Power is within You, as Same-Self-Source, because You are Source's Pure Extension – Being radiant and luminous as Source IS evermore.
Creation’s natural tendency is to create or to further extend. Extend you shall, either mindlessly through illusions or in Truth. Yes, only Truth contains Reality and so has Pure Awareness; but, this does not mean that you in body-time-self cannot recognize the results of your thinking.
This is why, in today’s practice we call attention to their being no neutral thoughts. You, as Created by Source, are not neutral and neither can any part or proclamation from You be neutral. Beloved, become conscious of this ability to channel the Power of Ultimate Being and not but every explanation of every form within the world is realized. The course of your choice for either Truth or illusion can make your life one of Heaven or hell. The presence of a self-designated hell will most likely be an unconscious choice, projected out to be a result of blame, shame or guilt and lack, loss or limitation; however, self-proclaimed this experience still remains. See the opportunity to release your mind! Reframe and absolve each hellish proclamation seen within you and by you, directed towards or perceived to be received by the world. Here, not but Peace and Love are Seen as You.
The Seeing of Wholeness cannot exist in time; while also, your accomplishments through these practices will lead you to the Realization beyond every imagining. Here, like a simple doorway, you cannot but step through. Before we begin to wonder how close we are or how much we have accomplished and in what state this advancement or retreat proceeds, we simply shall practice. Stay with Me in this moment to choose again and the distance does not matter. This is why, outside of time and the temptation to define, I call this the Journey without distance. For here you seem to be in now. Where we proceed is not but the Only Place that Knows You as Truth.
Use time today to simply look at whatever thoughts are playing across the canvas of your mind. See them like brush strokes upon a vast clear canvas. Each one becomes an element within a self-portrait. You can choose to dip your brush into the darkest, sludge-gelled ink or the most brilliant radiant paints, so dazzling that the physical eye could not begin to define. You can choppily and violently press the bristles into the canvas or make lithe-like, gently gliding strokes. No matter the process, the scene emerges. Consider each of these strokes the same as the thoughts you think you hear and perceive. Truly, Beloved One, what image do you intend for yourself and all the world to become?
Let us look at these grand brushstrokes today. Glancing into the resulting vision before us. Is the world one of comfort or distress? Are your companions jubilant or desolate? Does time contain not but an ever-multiplying number of threats and trauma or opportunities for forgiveness and ease? The embodiment of self-perception is becoming clearer, along with the brushstrokes applied.
Today you can call attention to the mind that seems to think, and the assertions set forward. Here, we see through the lenses of your intending mind, both consciously and subconsciously. What then do you wish to make of the picture at hand? How do you wish to make use of the words sensed within the thinking mind? How can you look upon the world about you and step back, playing a game of “I Spy” to identify the projections between the presentations?
You can choose to do today’s exercise in alternative ways if the thoughts do not flow freely. If you wish, allow yourself to look upon a specific momentary experience, interaction, or environment – either directly in your own circumstances or the world at large. Simply, as you look openly and with greater intention, note what judgments come to mind. Looking upon a news story discussing war – do you see suffering, victims, unfairness, loss, desolate existence, manipulation? Looking upon a the deeply felt pain of emotional betrayal – do you see longing, rejection, emptiness, exploitation? No matter the exact circumstance, be mindful towards the ideas you come to see – as you, as others, as the world. As you simply look, still your mind and ask within – “What do I see when you look upon this image?” Then, as the words begin to come forward from within the awareness of the thinking mind, sit with these claims and ask if this is the world you indeed do wish to see. Is this the world you wish to Be? Most likely, the answer to every disturbing image will be ‘no.’ Of course, you will rationalize that you do not wish to see a world through such a lens. However, then breathe and ask yourself once more – “If this is not the world I wish to see, how then am I to proceed?” With this release and asking for the Grace to See another Way, Guidance will appear.
Either way, Beloved, do not permit mindless recitation. Attempt not to ‘zone out’ just to pass time and check the ‘mental box’ for ‘doing the lesson for the day.’ This numbing of the mind and lackluster repetition of words for the sake of hearing oneself think is surely not helpful. Commitment leads to Consciousness. I have said before that a mind undisciplined not only partakes in foolish choices; but a mind undisciplined does give way to temptations and distractions that simply do not serve your time well spent. No, you cannot ‘do it wrong.’ Truly, even if three seconds of your time is spent with heartfelt dedication and intention, this Beloved is enough. These three seconds can heal a lifetime of uncertainty. That said, there is so much more opportunity for healing at your fingertips – why not find more depth-filled ways to come to know Thy Self?
Beloved One, you have no neutral thoughts simply because the mind is not disciplined to realize nor conceive the tools at your disposal. These tools are not but a reflection of the very potential of Same-Self-Source. You surely can and do build a world of your own making. Perhaps, not consciously in the ways you view your own current experience; however, there is so much more for you to begin to realize beyond the judgments called forth from a misbegotten identity.
Love has You now and always within the Arms of Everlasting Joy. The wondrous desire to expand in joy and share all there is to be Known is natural to You. We just need to gaze into the looking-glass and see where the ideologies of a foolish thinking mind has simply led you astray. Let us begin to look today. Let us look at the world with inner-Sense! Let us see how there is no blame, shame, guilt and lack, loss or limitation to speak into a world unknown. Let us choose again for a mind reimagined at least until a truer, more final Judgment can be Heard and Seen by Source as IS.
Be willing to at the very least recognize the thoughts you think you think are not necessarily so and are surely not neutral. They are like grains of sand that build ornate castles reaching towards the sky. One greater understanding that can temporarily be applied is the willingness to at least choose to accept that if on your ‘worst day’ (so to speak) the marvels of life’s most spectacular and heartfelt encounters have come to fruition, there is not but a significantly more phenomenal and brilliant Truth awaiting You through Same-Self-Source!! So much for your rejoicing! So very much to Know! So very much to celebrate! So much to keep you allowing for My Guidance as the Wholeness of Self begins to emerge from a long-misplaced but truly unforgotten memory.
Love Is!
Pamela Mills
Journaling with Lesson 16
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