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New comment 18h ago
  • @Sarah Yusuf WOW NICE SARAH!!! 🤩

  • @Eroldi Idlore I Love it - and my goodness who does not Love Music - Dance, meditate, sooth, compose, motivate, coordinate, sing, it brings out the deepest emotions - I remember the 1st time I started learning how to play the piano I did not do my lessons I just kept on for hours experimenting with sounds - sounds of keys tapping, sound of the notes ringing in my ears - the pleasantry the simplicity yet complexity gave me like this euphoric Joy - From one Teacher to another THANK YOU I was still leaning my scales while the parents were in the other room watching TV and every time a show came on with theme song music I started playing along - Mom & Dad jumped up and ran to the door to see and when they arrived I purposely started plunking scales and when they walked away confused then I started playing again 🤣

We would love the ability to be able to edit and remove a post in private message - these messages can be sensitive at times and to correct any errors will allow a more professional atmosphere. We would also LOVE to be able to copy and past a picture or information in both main room and private messages and be able to simply drop this into the chat box instead of Save as; add to files then upload. (My files have to continually be purged as it grows rather quickly and seems to be unnecessarily a longer process if this can change it would be a major game changer.



Sid Sahasrabuddhe
New comment 19d ago

Love This - 1. At this Time We have a company meeting on Mondays - We fine a student of the week that has a major milestone achievement weather it is financial or overcoming a major challenge at the company meeting with all zoom camera's open (1) person recognizes the student then the entire room cheers them on - this is posted in Milestone Monday to thousands of students to view. 2. Awards: 5 Figure award and 6 Figure Awards when Students receive the Awards the take a photo share it with me, or post it directly into the community and each week on Superstar Saturday we post a photo to motivate everyone and the success rate in response has been great. People cannot wait to get their very own. 3. Short Testimonials videos: when a recipient of an award does an interview with myself, I ask them to remember their very 1st day, how did you feel - were you nervous about this new venture? They are asked to do a short testimonial about the company and what they like about being here and how it helped them achieve their goals maybe 1 to 2 minutes to motivate the new students who are nervous about their new commitment to their future - The video is dropped and New student response has been amazing helping to remove the noise and anxiety of the new business venture investment and the journey they are about to begin. 4. Complete calendrer of Webinar Events where students and Coaches come together to interact with & A and tutorial about the subject matter of the Day. 5. Complete Video course tutorial 6. Community of thousands of people who can post achievements / Struggles / graphs and more. on Milestone Mondays and Wellness Wednesdays helping students to find a healthy balance. 7. We record our webinars with the students and post in Skool that the recording is ready to view so those who are working or unable to attend can also benefit from the valuable information within that Webinar 8. Introduce New students into the community where all coaches give support and multiple student jump in to motivate. 9. we have a section open to everyone to view on - Student Success - Welcome Posts - Insightful Conversation - Wins & general questions 10. we have a celebrated award placement for people to see who post the most in skool - we are all about motivating and celebrating members of BJKU in skool



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New comment 27d ago
  • @Robert Boulos thanks we have a huge almost 6K people community engaging in Skool for information on a daily with 7 coaches around the clock. This platform is amazing

  • @Sid Sahasrabuddhe Oh trust me when I say it is a team of super energetic mad marketing scientists at work here LOL!

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