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Maximising LinkedIn for Lead Generation: Share Your Insights!
Hello, wonderful community members! At Leadeth, we’re always looking for ways to enhance our services and provide you with the insights and strategies you need to succeed. We’re curious about how you’re leveraging LinkedIn in your lead generation efforts. Please take a moment to share your thoughts through this quick poll. Your feedback is invaluable as we continue to develop solutions that meet your needs and challenges. Poll Question: How are you currently leveraging LinkedIn for your lead generation efforts?
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New comment 14d ago
3 likes • Feb 25
I use it for direct outreach and engagement strategies.
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Wow that's great news @Tasneem Virani
Market Research
I'm developing a new flagship product to improve community building and marketing funnel strategies for B2B professionals and would deeply value your insight. Could you please spare a moment to complete a brief survey? Thank you in advance for your valuable input.
New comment Mar 16
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I was going to complete this but as I work in academia many of the questions weren't relevant, sorry
LinkedIn Temporary Bans / Fuse Limits
It’s seems we are in the middle of a LinkedIn algorithm update as it’s very rare to get 3 clients reporting temporary restrictions on their profiles in the last week. Some of these clients are still subscribing to Premium/Sales Navigator so this is not always guarantee that LinkedIn will let you send more. Please ensure if you are using software tools with your LinkedIn account that you conduct all your connection requests via the software. Manually connecting directly on the LinkedIn platform will push the daily limits over so the software will continue to push. Turning off the outbound activity at the weekends is a great way to naturally put a regular pause in to prevent hitting the limitations. Watch the video to learn how to check your messages.
New comment Feb 26
2 likes • Feb 25
That's not happened to me yet!
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@Mia Arrowsmith Possibly I only accept inbound requests now which seems to work for me.
Exclusive Go High-Level Integration at an Unbeatable Price!
Hello All, I'm thrilled to share some fantastic news with you all! 🌟 In our constant pursuit to streamline and enhance your business operations, we have integrated an all-encompassing solution – Go High-Level – with your existing Leadeth tool directly integrated to fill your funnels. This integration promises to revolutionise how you manage your business in 2024 and beyond. What's in it for You? Go High-Level is a comprehensive tool that brings together full CRM capabilities, social media management, landing pages and much more, going direct their subscription starts at just $99 per month. But here’s the best part – we’re offering it to some beta Leadeth subscribers for only £49 GBP + VAT. Additionally, the typical monthly data usage (covering emails, SMS, and calls) will be less than £20 for about 2000 contacts, billed monthly. - This is billed at cost to help you out. Why Choose Leadeth's Go High-Level Integration? - All-In-One Solution: Say goodbye to juggling multiple tools. This integration replaces the need for platforms like Hubspot, Calendly, Buffer, Zapier or MailerLite, providing a unified approach to your business needs. - Full Suite Features: Enjoy the benefits of managing your CRM, crafting engaging email newsletters, and setting up efficient workflow automation – all within one platform. - Special Pricing Exclusively for You: As a valued member of our Leadeth family, we're offering this integrated solution at an introductory price. - Client-Dropin Support: To ensure you get the most out of this tool, I'm extending my 3 weekly client-only drop-in sessions to include GHL support to get you automating and systemising your business faster. Limited Beta Offer We're rolling out this exciting integration with a beta offer open to the first 10 clients – and guess what? Two slots are already taken! This is your chance to be among the elite group that gets to experience the future of business management software. Your Path to Streamlined Business Success
New comment Feb 22
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Thanks so much for your time today Bev it's looking great as a piece of software which integrates everything I do.
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@Alex Smith I love the look and feel of this. I don't know how you're fixed to onboarding Alex. I'm chock a block with delivery at the moment and would need to move at a snails pace until the end of March if we started now. What do you think?
Weekly LinkedIn Engagement Pod Kick-Off! @ 12:00 noon - 2:00 pm London/GMT
Happy Monday! It's time for our weekly LinkedIn Engagement Pod session. This is a fantastic opportunity for all of us to support each other and extend the reach of our content on LinkedIn. Here's a quick rundown of how it works and the rules to ensure we all benefit: Rules for Participation: 👇👇 1. Quality Content: Share posts that are valuable and relevant to our professional community. 2. Be Supportive: Engage with at least five members' posts with meaningful comments and likes. 3. Reciprocity: If someone engages with your content, return the favor. 4. No Spam: Keep self-promotion to a minimum and focus on contributing to others. 5. Respect Privacy: Do not share details from the pod outside the community. 6. Timeliness: Post your content within the first 30 minutes of the session start time. How to Participate:👇👇 1. Post a link to your LinkedIn content in this designated Skool thread. 2. Engage with others' posts before adding your link. 3. Once you've engaged with posts (ideally a like, comment and reshare if relevant, comment 'Done' under your original post link. Note: Remember, the strength of the pod lies in our collective effort to engage sincerely and supportively. Let's make our LinkedIn network vibrant and beneficial for all! Looking forward to seeing your insightful content!
New comment Feb 19
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I'm a day late sorry
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