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Learn about the 18.6 Year Property Cycle so you can make more PROFIT from the BOOMs & protect your wealth & assets from obliteration in the BUSTs.


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Real Estate Groups??
Who here has a real estate coaching group on skool?
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I help real estate investors (and entrepreneurs and business owners) understand the 18 year Real Estate Cycle ( the Economic cycle) so that they can know in advance when the Booms will be (and ehy), and also when the Bust will take place (and why) - enabling more profitable and timely decision making. I have just started a SKOOL community.
Can Free and Paid subs take place within the same community
@Sam Ovens . Will new members be able to join a Free community with limited access - and then choose to pay for a paid subscription for access to courses at a later date? Or does the community need to be either FREE or PAID? In the beta, I can see that one can add several different subscription prices and select one of them as the Current Price. It is t clear as to whether a new member joining has any options or a single subscription which is the Current Price subscription. Thanks in advance PS. Skool is Cool !!
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@Erika Kulpina - thanks for your reply So that is an external to Skool payment system to take in payments. What I’m wondering is whether when joining the Skool community the person joins has the option to join the free community and pay zero OR has the option to pay and join as a paid member. It seem that it is one or the other . Free or paid. I would very much like to be able to invite in free members - and then encourage them to buy the course to get access to high value courses.
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@Ted Carr Thanks. I’m wondering from the users perspective, when they come to the community for the first time, if there is a Free and a Paid option, or whether they see only the ‘current price’ option. (So they are only 1 price point). I was seeking to have the community Free to access, and then that free member gets access to week 1 of my course. Then, from within the same community, if they choose to pay as a paid member (in SKOOL) they can access the rest of the course. Would that functionality work? Or would it be a case of leaving the community FREE - and then charging for the membership on a separate platform or via a separate SKOOL group ?
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I teach investors about the Real Estate Cycle to enable them to maximise profits in the coming BOOM and to protect their wealth from the ensuing BUST

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