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Isn’t the Course itself a concept?
I Am. Always was, always will be. There’s no seeking for what has always been. Then the honest inquiry- isn’t ACIM a concept? 🙏🥰
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Understanding and Faith
There is an Ever-Present Love Known to exist deep beyond you. Seeking for and revealing this Love seems to be goal of all spiritual practice. But what if I told you that this Love goes nowhere and needs nothing from you? This statement may make sense to the advanced student. This student has come to recognize their ultimate changeless Nature and how the so-called spiritual practice is only about reacquainting oneself with Love beyond form and time’s perceived distance. However, to the average earth-goer, who still believes in the value of the world around them, this Ever-Present Love appears to hide. “Where do I need to go to find Love?” is the question of the thinking mind. For Me, to respond to a heartfelt inquiry, “nowhere” presents elusive and frustrating. But yet, in Truth there is nowhere to go and nothing needed to do in order to Know Love. The space between this Knowledge and your personal awareness presents as vast and confusing. If I take the value of the world from you, are you then left with emptiness? Surely, to be left with a perceived void of identity, is not My intention. I am not here to psychologically wound you. The Lessons are about recognizing where false evidence appears real and how the world’s witnesses are accepted as valued, despite their ability to make only despondency. The majority of humanity has yet to realize this unfruitful pathway. The thinking mind wants to continue to seek even when you begin to realize that the seeking is not working. “What then do I have for myself?” you ask. Everything, My Beloved. You HAVE Everything! You ARE Everything. [Pam asks] “How can I have everything if objects, people and circumstances are nothing but models of separation? It is this separation that I see.” Do not measure yourself by such limited means. You have everything because you have the ability to not allow limitations to define you. Here, the Entirety of Creation reveals its Self once more, because you no longer are seeing through eyes that choose to define or separate.
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@Pamela Mills I love this!! Thanks 😊
Blessings and miracles ❤️
I call upon You, Benevolent Divine One to thank you for blessing us with your peace and your love , for taking all our cares and our worries and replacing them with peace. I thank you, brother Jesus for showing us the way, the truth, the life and the love that we are. I thank you, Holy Spirit for showing us the way through all the despair, knowing that you will be there for whatever I feel or whenever there appears to be tribulations and trials in my life. I thank you for replacing that with your piece, my peace, our peace, the peace of Oneness. I thank you for your wholeness. Your completeness and the truth and knowing that I am that. I asked that you show miracles to all of us today In every moment, this is the blessing I pray for - for all of us, this is the blessing that sustains. This is the true blessing to bring us to our Oneness that you may continue to show us, guide us and bring us to the peace we are. And so it is .
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@Monica D you’re welcome ❤️
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@Maria Bergheim you’re welcome ❤️🌸🙏
Lesson 15
My Thoughts Are Images That I Have Made. Seven Years in Tibet (movie) The child Dalia Lama has a terrible dream, to which he recounts, “They destroyed the village I grew up in, it was terrible.” Heinrich tells him, “It is only a bad dream.” The child Dalia Lama - “But it was so real. Where does it come from? My mind could never imagine such terrible things.” ——————————————————————————- Aha moment. Which mind? Who is the one thinking it is having thoughts? Does that one exist? It is because the thoughts you think you think appear as images that you do not recognize them as nothing. You think you think them, and so you think you see them.
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Lesson 13
Lesson 12 and a day of bliss fullness following. Today waking up with anxieties about the new day ? I still struggle with finding out what comes first, feeling or thinking?It is clear that, given a chance enough contriving and manipulation, thinking grows to un manageable proportions. I sense the fulness of all, even if not its meaning. A voice insists on the need to comprehend and fill something that is already full beyond measure, with more, with something that would have undeniable meaning, a meaning “s”elf made. Do I get this, as to be the competition with God that engenders fear ? I hope someone will understand what I feel so utterly lost, disconnected and frustrated at articulating. So it is so I sit.
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I had a similar experience. Yesterday I was at peace and upon waking this morning I was angry/enraged/agitated. It felt so out of control. It took many hours to let go and be gentle with myself, I still have no idea where the anger came from as it was there upon waking. Maybe it’s part of the process. 🤷‍♀️ I’m “new” with ACIM on this level, I read it and “played” with the lessons for over a year on my own. The energy in this group setting is off the hook at times and that can feel overwhelming. @Fanou Genson All love for you on your journey.
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@Naty Tancio that really resonates- the purging of energies while we sleep. Thank you for sharing- I will look for Kerry K videos.
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