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I don't remember changing any settings but somehow I can't see discussions for any of my course modules... I thought for sure it was right here. 🤔



Dan Collins
Ted Carr
Marc Rhodes
Manu Gianovich
Tim Han
New comment 21m ago
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    We run a medical program with specific instructions to post comments/results/feedback under each module. These often include a large number of testimonials for us which have since completely vanished. All of the comments in this feature allowed our practitioners to give support to patients, but additionally it further created authority and emphasised how individualised the program could still be in a group context.

Hey @Sid Sahasrabuddhe We've noticed that there has been a removal of comments made under modules, or is this a setting we can change? This is essential for us as our patients often have questions specific to the module or FAQ that comes through. Please advise, thank you.



Chris Moore
New comment 6d ago

Hi team, We're having trouble with the limited number of profile name changes as our patients move through different skool groups based on their journey of healing. 1. We have to keep their information private so we've asked them to do first name and then favourite animal as surname with an emoji as a picture. 2. We then transition them to an alumni where we need to know which cohort they have come from (for example FEB23, MARCH23 in their name so that our practitioners can identify who and where they have come from). We find the main issue is the entry to the platform most of them make a mistake originally, so they use up the 2 x name change. Any ideas @Sid Sahasrabuddhe Thanks!



Sid Sahasrabuddhe
Jess Morrell
Jens Augustin
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    @Sid Sahasrabuddhe Have you ever had experience with medical program needing to hide patients identity? It's becoming an issue for us and something we've needed to address... thanks Sid.

Hey @Sid Sahasrabuddhe Quick one - if you turn off the 'who can message me' in the inbox for multiple Skool groups, do you lose the entire chat history? We'd like to ideally: - Turn off the chat available to our primary nutritionist - Direct those questions to another practitioner - Create a transition from turning off chat box practitioner 1 and send an automated response to direct their questions to practitioner 2 Thank you!



Sid Sahasrabuddhe
Jess Morrell
New comment Jan 31
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    @Sid Sahasrabuddhe thank you!

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    Hey @Sid Sahasrabuddhe - can you host a Skool platform that has no community access (no comments, no questions, just access to the information)? Thank you!

Is it possible to share inbox messages across 2 users? We have a team member who wants to take over the inbox of our practitioner. Thanks! @Sid Sahasrabuddhe



Sid Sahasrabuddhe
Anthony Llanos
Josh Gavin
Brinley Rebstein
Jess Morrell
New comment Jan 20
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    @Sid Sahasrabuddhe Thanks Sid, appreciate it!

We run cohorts, and we want to get rid of one group and launch the next group on the same platform. We're a medical platform so we don't want to expose patient names, comments or posts from previous cohorts, but re-launch the program with the same content. What's the best way to do this? @Sid Sahasrabuddhe



Sid Sahasrabuddhe
Jess Morrell
New comment Dec '22
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    @Sid Sahasrabuddhe Hey Sid, thank you - it looks like you're all booked up for December... can I jump on a cancellation list? Our next cohort launches January 10th. Essentially the period is 3 months, and there is a single start date. We'd like to drip feed the content releasing it weekly based on the start date. Thank you!

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    @Sid Sahasrabuddhe Hey Sid - I've booked in but we really need to work out a process for this with ongoing cohorts looming, is it possible to get an explanation by message? Summary is: We run an online program with 2 x cohorts of 25 people for 3 months At the end of the 3 months, we need to remove the people/comments but maintain the content - is the only way to do this manual? We ideally need a process we can easily follow to relaunch the program, without disclosing the previous patient information each month. Look forward to your response 🙏

Is there a way that we can set a release date of content for a week day to all members, regardless of when they join? Ideally we would have: Program start date New content (week) released every Monday Thank you!



Sid Sahasrabuddhe
New comment Nov '22

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