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Videos on Twitter?
Has anyone seen success posting videos to twitter either horizontal, square, or vertical? I have a lot of video content I can repurpose there but idk if it's effective. Anyone done this / have tips? My twitter is very new so I'm trying to grow Most say just engage with people but 30 minutes of engagement is brutal when you're running all of these different platforms.
LinkedIn Video Dimensions
In the guides, it mentions to post square videos 1:1 to LinkedIn, but I've seen other creators posting 9:16 vertical and 16:9 horizontal. Is square the best because it will be good on both desktop and mobile? I was poking around google and i couldn't find the answer. Hope you all can help. I've never posted a video to linkedin but I'm hoping to do so for my clients.
Stephen G. Pope
Jax Dwyer
New comment 18d ago
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@Stephen G. Pope Thank you! My client is mostly repurposing their video podcast so I am deciding if posting their vertical is best or converting it to square for linkedin. Seems like I should just go with what we have for now and convert to square later on after we've focused on making it more engaging. Do you have any tips for helping people have more engaging podcasts?
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@Stephen G. Pope Thank you! I really appreciate all your help. I'm hoping to have the kedb up and running soon. I've got the zapier integrations done and now I'm on the SOP stage
Ideas for future content for SGP
Love SGP's content - it's super helpful - would love to see some more around the "building a team" portion of the process (he may have posted stuff like this already, and I just haven't been exposed to it) Here are a few ideas: 1) How to ID good team members for content (e.g. what to look for in an editor's portfolio, screening questions, etc.) 2) Managing your content team efficiently (e.g. key metrics to watch, KPI's, how to reduce WIP video inventory, etc.) 3) Best practices in hiring/pay structure for independent contractors (e.g. baseline costs per video, performance based bonuses, etc.)
Jax Dwyer
Stephen G. Pope
Matthew Silkwood
New comment 20d ago
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This would be very helpful!
Thrivecart Templates Recommendations
Does anyone have Thrivecart Templates they recommend for their checkout / landing page? I'm looking at their defaults and am a bit unsure if these are the best options or if it is better to upload a template. I'm new to the make money online space so any feedback or direction is much appreciated.
Stephen G. Pope
Jax Dwyer
New comment 20d ago
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@Stephen G. Pope Thank you 🙏
Seems like Zapier no longer supports What are you all doing for your CRM instead? Warning: "This Zap uses the private apps CloselOCLIAPI@2.0.5, CloselOCLIAPI@2.0.5 and CloselOCLIAPI@2.0.5. This means the developers of these apps haven't completed our full quality assurance steps. Zapier has limited details on these apps and as a result can't offer support for them. If you have questions about these apps, please contact the person who gave you access to this Zap."
Stephen G. Pope
Jax Dwyer
New comment 22d ago
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@Stephen G. Pope awesome thank you Stephen
Where are you from? Philly What are you working on? I'm working on growth consulting for 2 influencers at the moment What immediate help do you need? I need help managing their content needs and building funnels for them
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