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Accessing my own messages
Hi Alex, I am working with Colin on his campaigns as you know - however this weekend I was going to export all the work I did on my own campaigns which sadly I was not able to continue with after my 2 restrictions - and I do not seem to be able to access them. Obviously I'm happy for you to delete my account after but wondered if you could let me know how I can get back into my account as now when I login I am sent directly to Colin's? Many thanks, Jane
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LinkedIn Temporary Bans / Fuse Limits
It’s seems we are in the middle of a LinkedIn algorithm update as it’s very rare to get 3 clients reporting temporary restrictions on their profiles in the last week. Some of these clients are still subscribing to Premium/Sales Navigator so this is not always guarantee that LinkedIn will let you send more. Please ensure if you are using software tools with your LinkedIn account that you conduct all your connection requests via the software. Manually connecting directly on the LinkedIn platform will push the daily limits over so the software will continue to push. Turning off the outbound activity at the weekends is a great way to naturally put a regular pause in to prevent hitting the limitations. Watch the video to learn how to check your messages.
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Hello Alex, I received your email - I am very concerned about this as one more strike and they could remove my account altogether. I have stopped all automations and will respond to your various points via email. My SSI score is high. My Linked In engagement is daily. My account is not being accessed by multiple addresses and I am currently a Sales Navigator user (all the points you mentioned). I am heavily reliant on Linked In for my business so need to make sure this does not happen again.
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I think this is THE most important issue around the use of the platform - none of us want to put our accounts at risk (it would be disastrous for me to lose nearly 17,000 connections and virtually all of my business is done via Linked In) - I see the fact that we have already been flagged as using automation as a serious and alarming warning - not just an "algorythmic blip"- @Alex Smith please get to the bottom of this and make sure our accounts are safe going forward.
Campaign not running
Hi Alex, I have created a new Smart Inmail campaign and set to live - however it doesn't seem to be working as there is zero activity recorded. Please could you go in and advise that I have set it up correctly? Also can you advise that the split test is set up correctly and that the maximum number of connection and outreach messages are being used on my account? There is so much to learn and I need to make sure I am optimising my account so if you can see anything I have done wrong in this respect I would appreciate you informing me as to what that is and how I can fix it. Many thanks.
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@Antony Draper glad to know it's not only me!
Turning off an old search
Hi there Alex, on the session this morning you showed me how to turn off the search and replace it with another one. I thought I would try again with my newsletter campaign but introduce a much narrower search to split test my one of the 4 campaigns which I am creating. However the system is not allowing me to turn off the old search which has 2500 connections. Please can you either do this for me or let me know how this is done? Thank you, I want to go live with all of these today.
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Yes thank you, will do!
Weekly LinkedIn Engagement Pod Kick-Off! @ 12:00 noon - 2:00 pm London/GMT
Happy Monday! It's time for our weekly LinkedIn Engagement Pod session. This is a fantastic opportunity for all of us to support each other and extend the reach of our content on LinkedIn. Here's a quick rundown of how it works and the rules to ensure we all benefit: Rules for Participation: 👇👇 1. Quality Content: Share posts that are valuable and relevant to our professional community. 2. Be Supportive: Engage with at least five members' posts with meaningful comments and likes. 3. Reciprocity: If someone engages with your content, return the favor. 4. No Spam: Keep self-promotion to a minimum and focus on contributing to others. 5. Respect Privacy: Do not share details from the pod outside the community. 6. Timeliness: Post your content within the first 30 minutes of the session start time. How to Participate:👇👇 1. Post a link to your LinkedIn content in this designated Skool thread. 2. Engage with others' posts before adding your link. 3. Once you've engaged with posts (ideally a like, comment and reshare if relevant, comment 'Done' under your original post link. Note: Remember, the strength of the pod lies in our collective effort to engage sincerely and supportively. Let's make our LinkedIn network vibrant and beneficial for all! Looking forward to seeing your insightful content!
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Hope that makes sense? Check your link and remove everything after the question mark!
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Also make sure your profile is configured so that anyone can comment
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