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Different admin profiles across different groups.
This is a feature similar to Discord, where you can customize your profile's picture, bio, links, etc., for each group that you're an admin of. You, of course, have one universal profile, but depending on what group people discover you in depends on what variation of your profile they see. I'd find this helpful because I'm considering creating a new group for a side project that is completely unrelated to what I do for my main business. This means that if I want to keep my profiles separate, I'd need to create an entirely different account to log in from, which would be a pain in the ass. Would anyone else find this helpful?
Do you have tips to re-engage a free group?
I created a group 2-3 months ago for beta testing with around 50 members. We had some good engagement in the first week, and around 10 members showed up for our first community call. However, I neglected the group due to other higher-priority areas of the business, and engagement fizzled out. Totally my fault, I know. I rebranded the group recently to reflect a more niche focus, and I'm currently dividing the time that I have to dedicate to my Skool group between creating resources and content for the classroom elements, re-engaging old members, and onboarding new members. However, engagement seems to be poor right now, and it doesn't look like it will improve if I continue doing what I'm doing. I think we're all good at giving advice but not so great at searching for answers when we're in the hot seat. If I were an outsider, I would advise myself to not make the mistake I made last time and keep posting consistently in the group, try to bring people into the conversation by asking them questions, tagging them, and posting Looms with my answers to questions I get in my DMs (outside of Skool). However, I would like some insight from people who are currently killing it with free group engagement. I'm familiar with @Sid Sahasrabuddhe's PDF, which he shares, and I have either implemented or will be implementing (i.e. regular calls are upcoming) the practices in it. My struggle is re-engaging people who have been inactive in the group for 90+ days. My target audience is startup founders, so they're already incredibly strict with their time. I don't expect or even want people to be active in the group 24/7, I just want to make sure that the people already in the group actually sign in and engage while attempting to convert our newer members into our "All-Star" members who contribute the most. Please share your thoughts if you have any. Will happily give out $20 Amazon vouchers to recommendations that I find most valuable ❀️
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Thanks for your suggestions πŸ™
Member POV View
This isn't a feature I would call essential, but I would find it handy to view specific pages within my group from a member's viewpoint. The primary reason would be to understand how they see specific content (like locked courses within the classroom and calendar events if they are below a certain level for instance). I get this isn't a make-or-break feature, but has anyone else ever thought of this?
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@Aurora A Good idea. Thanks.
War Map (2024)
Hi guys. I made a 2024 version of the War Map a few weeks ago. Designed it for myself but feel free to make a copy and make your own modifications. It's a slightly altered version of the original. Saw a few people ask for one, so thought I'd share πŸ‘
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Member DM Perms: On/Off/Paid Members Only
With payments live, it would be cool if our members could toggle a feature that enabled only other paid members from within our group to DM them. When turned on, only paid members can contact other paid members. My community's feedback is that they would like to restrict exactly who can contact them rather than just being able to turn DMs on or off. This is a perfect way to do that. Thoughts?
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