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no show & double booking
my no show is 50% cuz people are booked 2 days out.. is it advisable to do double booking or how? thanks!
Lotfi Drif
Waqar Ahmed
Israel Fernandez
Jim Morales
Jerry Luna
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Well... It's not just the call booking window. It's also about what you're doing (or not) to make sure those appointments show up to your calls. 2 days out is fine. No more than 3 tho. Also consider the open slots per day. But besides just that... Are you using a follow up email sequence? And if anything... ...What are you pushing on the call? What's the incentive for people to show up? Example... Someone who's overweight, and booked a call for your weight loss program, should show up - all because they recognized their weight as a problem Otherwise, if there's no urgency and all said above isn't met... Why showing up? But that's more of a marketing play that may or may not apply to your case. For your question in specific: 2 days out is fine. Use follow-up emails & SMS reminders. And if you have setters - get them to confirm the appointment and follow up with them before and after the call.
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@Jeremy Rodriguez in a nutshell… You always remind people about why they’re getting contacted + repeat the outcome they’ve agreed to Then just straight up following up on the date of the call + link Example “Hey Jeremy, Israel from here. Just wanted to remind you about our call this (date) where I’ll show you how to xyz… …so you can finally (outcome). Here’s the link: I’ll be following up tomorrow to make sure we’re on track for the call. See you then!”
Create ‘Adspend Quality’ Ads Within 16 Weeks - How’s That For An Offer?
A few days ago, I sent an email announcing our upcoming DWY offer, and the replies were quite surprising… …Because I got none lol So, instead of feeling bad about it… …I shut my day down to THINK. Was it my approach? Was it my email? Was it my subject line? …Or was it that the offer wasn’t strong enough? After thoughtful consideration, I realized it was the latter… "Coaching" Offers suffer in this digital era for that same reason… There’s too much noise, little clarity, and every approach has been tried to death… …Reason why I was painted with the same brush. Even though I do my best to give honest value here, every day. So... …I realized it’s not just about giving you what you ‘want’... …But what you NEED… …And what I KNOW most agency owners, coaches, consultants, experts, course creators, and even marketers need RIGHT NOW more than ever is… …Better creative. Better ads. Better editing. Better ideas. Better execution. And that happens to be what we’re known for. We’re the most sought-after YouTube Ads advertising agency in the entire world for a reason: Our creative is GOATED. So I’m here to ask YOU something... …If we could WRITE, EDIT, LAUNCH and optimize control-beating ads FOR YOU… …Would you take us on that offer? Even more… If after writing, editing, launching, and optimizing your ads, we showed you EXACTLY how we do it every day for ourselves, so you can go out there and replicate our success for yourself AND your clients… …Would you think that’s a no-brainer? But even BETTER… If after we wrote, edited, launched, optimized, and showed you HOW to do it all yourself… …We coached you and trained you to THINK beyond processes and become an Ad Man… …Would you reply to this post saying, "Yes, Brian, I want to know what the hell is going on"? If so, please do… … If not, please let me know what you consider a no-brainer. After all… I’m here to make the advertising world a better place. And that includes you. Thanks in advance for your help 🥂
Rohan Saxena
Yamuna Bihari
Nicholas Nicola
Israel Fernandez
Kashan Hussain
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@Rohan Saxena well, it truly depends what you mean by "excellent results" Because funnels are nothing but a series of decisions, and each "funnel" is different (hence, every offer is different in itself)... But in general, we do own the whole process. At the end of the day Rohan, think about it this way... If your ads work but sales are not coming in... It's still your fault (or at least, that's what the client will think - and you'll be held accountable for that) It doesn't even matter if all you were brought in for was for the ads lol So, if that's the case... Why not fix the whole thing AND recommend changes? Even MORE relevant if you're on some rev share agreement Now for your sales team question: We recommend setters or refer people to the best sales trainer we know, which is Cole Gordon - but we don't do sales by any means. Beyond our are of expertise or interest tbh
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@Rohan Saxena best answer I can give you: Agencies SCALE businesses - we do not save them. Hence - you must already have a functional sales process. Otherwise, you’re not in the best shape to work with an agency So, as said sir, we do recommend sales training/setters… And yes - we take feedback and hop on calls with sales teams to consider their input for lead quality
I cant get resulst!! I've been doing this for over a year and I have like 6 clients but somehow things just changed a few weeks back, and I haven't had a single lead since??? We used to get like 1-5 leads and 1-2 appointments booked per day for clients, now I cant even get a lead??? Does anyone know anything? I'm in DYING need to fix this issue asap! Please, if you have any advice, reach out. The niche I'm in is SOLAR btw.
Israel Fernandez
Usama Ansari
Emanuel Hacker
Onur Degirmenci
August Torwig
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What's good bro Care to send a screenshot of your campaigns with visibility on CPC, CPL, CTR (all) and Unique Outbound CTR? Also, what happened between the drop-off and "the regular" state of your campaigns? Any major shifts you made, campaign-wise? New copy? What was CPMs like back then vs now? Tagging my peeps here for assistance too @Billy Porter @Jashmin Panigrahy
Is there a way to watch a specific ad on Youtube?
I have a problem, people is getting in to my page but not register, but i do the same with other page and works, so is there a way i could do the clients jeaurney since they watch the ad and clic on the page?
Brian Moncada
Israel Fernandez
Maria Rodriguez
Konrad Schure
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Hey @Maria Rodriguez Like Brian said, that’s exactly how to navigate the ad journey… Question: is there any specific metrics that make you wonder why they’re not clicking? You could drop some screenshots and we could provide a bit more detail
Is now (November) a good time to start advertising?
Hello everyone, quick question: Is now a good time of year to start advertising? I have an SEO agency, and we want to go live with the first ads this week. Is this a good idea, or are we too close to the end of the year and the companies have no head for new topics now? Many thanks for your feedback! Best regards, Bastian
Onur Degirmenci
Matt Penas
Fady Milad
Israel Fernandez
Waqar Ahmed
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Well, I'm biased, but there's never a 'perfect time' or a 'terrible time' to begin Do keep in mind that CPMs are crazy this time of the year due to Black Friday and then, Christmas That's the only little nuance I have. But I say go for it
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