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Usama Ansari
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Bio: Digital Marketer Facebook ads Practitioner Google PPC ads Website Builder
Santiago Phoenix
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Bio: I've written copy and optimized funnels for 195+ companies, including Squatty Potty, BossBabe, and TotalAV 🚀 Founder & marketer at
Waqar Ahmed
Lewes, Delaware
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Bio: Helping High-Ticket Coaches & Shopify Stores Go Beyond $50K/month. Getting At Least 4-5x ROAS with Paid Ads via STDC Framework.
Lou Lundi
Atlanta, Georgia
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Bio: Lou!
Asma Albadani
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Bio: Helping mortgage lenders achieve 10 meetings per month consistently.
Klara Lauterbach
Vienna • INFJ
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Bio: Ad Agency in the making specialising in Fb/ Google Ads
Om Vai
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Bio: On an intermediate stage of SMMA,
Dax Play
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Bio: Copywriter and coach/consultant. Love writing, sales, chaos and chefing out
Preston Govender
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Bio: Young aspiring entrepreneur.
Naman Gupta
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Bio: Imagine. Create. Develop. Fulfill. Prosper. Give Back.
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Israel Fernandez
Copy Chief @ | Copywriter. Marketer. Strategist.

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