FREE weekly career coaching call!
Hey Workshoppers,
I'm VERY excited about this:
As many of you already know, I usually only do coaching inside our high-level paid community "Inner Circle"...
BUT today I'm announcing a little experiment:
I'm going to run a free, 1 hour, weekly coaching session right here in this community, starting next Tuesday (August 22nd)!
You can join these calls and ask me anything you like about:
  • Building your facilitation career
  • Running specific workshops
  • Getting help with running workshops/troubleshooting
  • Getting advice on working with clients
  • Sales and marketing tips
  • Whatever you like!
The first call starts NEXT TUESDAY (August 22nd, 4pm CET) and you can see the full schedule of upcoming calls right here on the Skool Calendar.
I'll decide if I'll keep doing these based on how many people show up/ whether you all find them useful!
⚠️ 2 important bits of information:
These calls will be strictly ONE hour long. We'll get through as much as we can in that time. I do a 2-3 hour coaching session every week in our "Inner Circle All-Access" community (these are recorded & transcribed), for those who want to go deeper. We can talk about this in more detail next week if anyone is interested in learning more!
There won't be recordings of these free Q&A sessions. Why? For lots of reasons, but in short: just come hang out live!
Hope to see some of you next week, let's go!
Jonathan Courtney
FREE weekly career coaching call!
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