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Is learning funnel building AI proof?
Should I learn how to build sales funnels or will AI do that completely? What do you guys think?
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Hey @Leandro Ramirez I think right now we are at that point where AI can be very useful but not to replace a human, so my advice is for you to learn marketing principles and use AI tools to build funnels for you. The most important thing you need to understand is the customer journey and the step by step process to convert a stranger into client. So in short YES learn to build funnels yourself but in the surface level and partner with AI to make the tech side for you quickly. Hope that helps.
The ONE DM Outreach Message to Land Clients in 2024
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Meeee I want that
I'm I the only one who is getting low feedback while doing Cold DMs?
How do I get great leads using cold DMs? And would you recommend Instagram or Email ✉️?
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I will do both, emails and DMs and not only IG, try to go to other platforms including Skool, but as @Krisa Fleming said its about relationships but volume as well, keep in mind that you might want to analyze your data after 100 dms. Then what percentage of that number respond, what percentage book a call with you and what percentage do you close the deal. From what ive seen you might want to aim for a 5 - 10% If you dont get that, you have to see where are you failing. Is it the offer? Is it the first initial message? Is it the follow up? If you have your KPIs right then its time to scale and send more DMs. Hope this was useful. If you need more help, feel free to reach out.
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Am I seeing correctly? 10 hours of pure gold 😨😨 you are the best when it comes to funnel building @Gusten Sun
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@Jean Dossou thank you for this, basically just the first part is different, the rest you can find inside the “Classroom” part inside Skool
Email Outreach
I am planning on starting Email Outreach so any advice would be helpful. A few topics I have in mind - LinkedIn groups for lead scrapping ( if you do it what's the process any free method) - Is instantly the best software to automate the whole process? - Is there anyone on Fiverr who can scrape quality leads?
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Instant Data Scraper is a great tool, also you can use AI to help you find emails through Google as well as social media profiles, then you put those into a spreadsheat and begin reaching out
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