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New winners funnel builder
This week with Gutsen advice l close 2 deals with two company l want to celebrate that with you
New comment 2d ago
1 like • Apr 20
Congratulation man
Full Stack Funnel Builder _ Woot Woot
Finally completed all 4 tests to become a Full Stack Funnel Builder. @Gusten Sun thank you for the immense value you have given everyone! What’s Next? I got a lot coming down the pipeline with my wife so I look forward to sharing with the community!
New comment 4d ago
0 likes • Apr 5
Congratulations man. But thought this should be posted on the Funnel University Community only. BTW You rock!
My Portfolio Feedback
Hey fam, here's my portfolio: Haven't made it mobile responsive yet. What do you guys think?
New comment Apr 5
0 likes • Apr 5
Nice one man... You can keep optimizing it because it seems its not done yet right?
100 will reject you but you only need 1 chance
I have been in the social media space for the last four years. It took me three months and over 1000 DMs to find my first social media work, where I was ready to work for free. At this moment, you might find it difficult to close a client. Remember, one client can help you get five more clients. Finding that first client might take Ten days or even six months. But when you find one, trust me you will enjoy the process. You will make more money. You will have bigger problems to solve. You can take care of your family. So Create a Plan Work on it Improvise Be Disciplined And Comment below if you have any questions
New comment Apr 10
2 likes • Apr 5
Yeah @Aman Rawat that's it. BTW that was helpful.
📣 Exciting News Alert! 📣 I'm thrilled to share that I've just completed a cutting-edge funnel design for one of my esteemed clients. This project was a fantastic journey of creativity and technical prowess, and I'm incredibly proud of the result. The funnel design is not just visually appealing but also highly functional, ensuring a smooth and engaging user experience. It's been meticulously crafted to guide visitors through the client's offerings, ultimately leading to higher conversion rates. I can't wait to hear your thoughts on this. Your feedback is always appreciated as it helps me to continually improve and deliver top-notch designs. Stay tuned for more updates! #FunnelDesign #ClientWork #CommunityShare
New comment Apr 6
1 like • Apr 5
@Hema Sri Figma should help do that by applying a gradient on the image from top to the button, You reduce the opacity of the color at the top to 0% and increase the one at the button using the background color of the page. No too much though! Then adjust the settings to suit your need. But if you don't use Figma, then you can just import the image to photoshop or photopea (online version of photoshop) and apply the eraser tool to clear the part you want and save it. Then it will appear as if the image blend into the background or it pop out of the background. I hopes this helps? maybe you might have another person to give you other ideas.
1 like • Apr 5
Bro, that's a good job there. You rock man @Francis Mondal
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