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Started my agency
It almost a week now since I started my agency and to be honest i am not really great with social media or outreach any advice is helpful
New comment Mar 31
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Hi bro! Can you share your portfolio? Maybe people can help you better if you can give more clarity on what you do! Portfolio would be the best
Figma Design
One of my friend got a project to work on soccer website and he want me to handle it for him and I did the design below on figma before transferred to WordPress. Kindly let me know what you think
New comment Mar 27
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It’s good, but having a feeling to rework that light blue shade. Maybe white. Or did you try out any dark backgrounds for that sections?
First Figma attempt
I used Dean Graziosi website for inspiration on this faux speaking course hero section. How do I not download the shadow effect outside the frame? Does anyone think it looks too busy?
New comment Mar 28
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It looks busy because of the layout of the texts. Maybe you can avoid the word ‘Speaker’ in the background. Also play with the opacity of the image behind the person. that’s disturbing the design. You also can improve the button colour
Funnel Agency Portfolio
Hi Freinds, I did a redesign for this landing page I hope you can give your opinions.
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@Mouad El Kasam , it’s good! Maybe you can rework on that orange/peach shade as the contrast is low for the buttons for readability. Also in the ‘How it works’ section, that stroke in the background is disturbing the texts. If you’re designing on Figma, there’s a plug-in called Stark. You can use it to find out the contrast score between two colours. Try to get a contrast score of around 4.5 for the background and text colours for perfect readability
First client, and a big one. Thank you
Just as I discovered Gusten, I was talking to this client (I built some automations for her before) and turns out she wanted to build an evergreen funnel for her course that she sells through webinars right now. Serendipity! Right now through the webinar this makes about 200K in a year and I'll get 5% of revenue generated. My scope? Structure of the funnel, copywriting of the emails, outline of the videos. (Not even web design as she has other people—but turns out she's gonna need me anyways so that's a nice extra. I did design half of a sales page to show my skills.) I'll share something with y'all here. Not sure if you usually do this. I spent a lot of time with this client figuring out her company vision, core values, and teasing out her origin story. Here is the whiteboard I made. Then I structured the copy around Russell Brunson's Story Selling framework... and she absolutely loved it. "I didn't know my story was this inspiring!" – haha yeah baby 🚀 We'll launch in a few weeks. I'm definitely nervous to see if it's actually going to bring in customers. But so far so good. Let's keep crushing it, with love. Thank you again.
New comment Mar 26
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Congrats man!!! Keep us posted
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