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It's Monday! What are your top 3 goals for this week?
Share your goals and plans - and if you need any help or support, share that too. I can't wait to hear what you're working on!
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After a few crazy weeks, I think I can focus again on my goals for this week. Business wise: - I want to see how much I did the last quarter and plan for the next one. - I have already completed the task calendar for my team today. One box done😁 - This week, I want to report the tax returns of 2 more clients - Finish the website module of the program (Wednesday and Thursday) Personal: - I need to go to the gym more frequently - I want to improve my investment project (Automate investment in Financial Markets) - I would like to read more about Acquisition Entrepreneur. I started these holidays! (I think I finally found my passion: Business + Investment = Acquisition Entrepreneur😍) And I think it is enough for a week!
Weekend Fun
What skill did you learn as a teenager from your part-time job do you still use today?
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It is very funny because even then I liked to deal with cash! I was a part-time cashier through high school and university. It taught me commitment, responsibility, and cash management because I had to pay for my private university(18yo) and my driving license (18yo), and I started paying for my first car. Until today, I am proud of what I can achieve if I am committed. I learned to be responsible when I commit to something. I learned that I need to make choices because we can not afford everything, but We can afford what we value the most.
What are your top 3 goals for this week?
Share your goals and plans - and if you need any help or support, share that too. I can't wait to hear what you've been working on!
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@Mia Arrowsmith Has to be. My way of living is little by little I can accomplish more. Since all my little tasks will push me forward to my monthly goal that will help me reach my quarterly goals... Otherwise I would be very overwhelmed.😁
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@Melitta Campbell I really need it. But sometimes my Friday is filled with some tasks I couldn't do during the week. Friday is my buffer😁
Share your LinkedIn Profile and Top 3 Skills
Wow, what an amazing Value Session we just had. So great to see many of you there. If you missed it - the replay is in the 'Classroom'. One thing I shared that can help you to get found is completing your Skills section. To give you all a boost in that respect, I would like to invite you to: 1) Share your LinkedIn profile link 2) Say what 3 skills you'd like us to endorse you for (you'll need to be a 1st connection) 3) Go through the posts, and connect with your colleagues and endorse them (if you are early to this task, you may need to come back later to complete this. I look forward to learning more about you all and your skills!
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@Jennie Reed I have send you a connection request. Once you accept, I will endorse you!
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Here is my LinkedIn profile: Cristina Quesado | LinkedIn I would like to be endorsed on these 3 skills: - Management Accounting - Business Planning - Cash Flow Management Thank you in advance😃
Try this AI tool for writing
In the challenge last week, @Nellie Kinyanjui raised the question of using AI - is it a good idea, and how to get started. So I thought I'd share this resource I've just come across, that was recommended by a leading copywriter. It's AI suite has been designed for writing content.
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I use Writesonic. It is very good for social media and blog writing. For me, has been a game changer.
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