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Community Meeting 6/18: Harnessing Anger in Microdosing for Healing
In our microdosing journey, it is NOT always bliss. There is a range of emotions, including anger, in our healing journey that cannot be overlooked. This was the topic of exploration in this week's integration meeting. When it is applied to trauma, there is a transformative power of utilizing certain emotions, such as anger, as a catalyst for healing. Drawing inspiration from the teachings of esteemed psychologist and author, Gabor Maté, I invite you to explore the non-duality of our world and the significance of accepting the existence of both beauty and evil. While it is natural to be repelled by the darkness and evilness that can pervade our world, our inner peace and healing do not lie in the mere eradication of external negativity. Instead, true transformation arises when we learn to accept the world as it is, embracing its paradoxical nature. By shifting our focus inward, we can embark on a journey of self-reflection, thereby contributing to the healing of our ancestors and the dynamics within our present field of awareness. This is CHANGE 👁️ Within the framework of microdosing, the controlled and intentional use of psychedelics, anger can be harnessed as a powerful force for positive change. By channeling our anger constructively and avoiding harm to ourselves or others, we tap into the transformative potential of this intense emotion. When held in conscious awareness, anger can unveil deep-seated wounds, injustices, and unresolved traumas, offering an opportunity for healing and personal evolution. This is CHANGE 👁️ We come to understand that our healing journey is intricately connected to our ability to cultivate self-compassion, empathy, and an authentic sense of responsibility. By acknowledging and healing our pain, we contribute to breaking the intergenerational cycles of suffering that have been passed down through our lineage. This is CHANGE 👁️ This profound work not only brings personal liberation but also fosters healthier family dynamics and ultimately contributes to the collective healing of humanity.
Annemarie Maes
Brian Chaplin
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@Annemarie Maes thanks for shaing! Sometimes a BIG and OUT LOUD...FUUUUUUUCCCCKKKK! helps too! Some more thoughts: 6 Steps To Harnessing Our Emotions in Microdosing 1. Embrace the Full Spectrum of Emotions In the journey of microdosing, it's not all about the euphoric bliss. There's a myriad of emotions that play a pivotal role in one's transformative path, and anger is one such emotion that demands attention. 2. The Non-duality of our World: Understanding Beauty and Evil Inspired by the teachings of Gabor Maté, there's a realization that the world is filled with contrasts. While we often gravitate towards beauty, shunning evil, true healing comes from understanding and accepting this duality, even with the emotions that we label as “bad”. It is this acceptance that lays the foundation for inner peace. 3. Harnessing Anger in Microdosing: A Tool for Positive Change Microdosing, when done with intention, can transform anger from a destructive force to a catalyst for healing. Instead of suppressing or acting out, anger can be used to unearth unresolved traumas, guiding us towards self-discovery and evolution. 4. Breaking Intergenerational Cycles: The Power of Healing By confronting and healing our wounds, we put a halt to the cycles of suffering passed down through generations. This not only paves the way for our liberation but also ensures a brighter, healthier future for the generations to come. 5. The Collective Healing of Humanity: The Bigger Picture Personal transformation transcends the individual. Every step we take towards our own healing indirectly contributes to the collective wellness of humanity. As we grow, heal, and evolve, we radiate positive change, influencing those around us. 6. Your Role in the Change Each one of us has a unique role to play in this grand tapestry of life. As you embark on your microdosing journey, remember to approach every emotion, especially anger, with curiosity and compassion. Your healing journey is not just about you; it's about ALL of US.
The Truth about Microdosing: Beyond the Misconceptions 🍄
Happy Autumn Medicine and Mentorship Community 👁️ !, Here’s a reality check for you. Our dear old friends – Psilocybin, MDMA, and LSD – have been tucked away into the notorious Schedule I closet for what feels like eons now. But is the closet where they really belong? 🧐 Let's unravel the tapestry of misconception: Schedule I implies these substances are just a cocktail of abuse with zero medical virtue. Yet, how many headlines have you stumbled across about a psilocybin overdose? Or is psilocybin tearing families apart? Now juxtapose that with the nightly news tales of alcohol's merry adventures. See the chasm? 🤨 The ‘no accepted medical use’ badge they wear isn't earned from a lack of potential. Oh no. It's the dearth of green bills flowing into the psychedelic research jar that’s the real culprit. Our buddies at the Controlled Substances Act and the National Institutes of Health have inadvertently put a cork on the fountain of governmental support that could be nurturing psychedelic research. 🚫🔬 It’s about time we lift the veil, delve deeper, and understand what’s been sitting on the shelf all along. This isn't just a call to curious minds but an invitation to everyone in our Medicine and Mentorship enclave. Let’s debunk the myths, foster the conversations, and propel the psychedelic narrative forward, into the realms of acceptance and understanding. DROP YOUR THOUGHTS BELOW and check out more on this topic by reading our latest BLOG <<<<<<<<<I WANNA READ THAT BLOG!>>>>>>>>> Stay cool, stay curious, B 🦅🍄
Chronic pain
I’m curious if there are others who are on this journey who live with chronic pain. If so I would love to connect.
Brian Chaplin
Julie Anna Johnson
Marilyn Sugden
December Stephens
Michelle Helfner
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@Marilyn Sugden HI there. I made a video for you it's important to remember that this is a gradual process and sometimes we "think we are feeling worse" although we are moving through the "crud" to get better. This isn't a magic pill, or a panacea, but rather a helpful ally to get to the "underlying root cause" of the symptoms of anxiety and depression that are often unresolved emotional events or ruminating thoughts that haven't been addressed-your microdosing practice will heighten what's already there, but hopefully allow you to look at it from a different vantage point. Keep going...
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@December Stephens that’s wonderful news. Sent you a private message
California bills to allow psychedelics and cannabis cafes
An "eye-opening" article Under SB 58, authored by Senator Scott Wiener, D-San Francisco, a limited set of naturally occurring psychedelics with high safety profiles including psilocybin/psilocin (mushrooms), Dimethyltryptamine ("DMT"), and mescaline (excluding peyote) would be decriminalized. SB 58 would also trigger a regulatory process to craft policy proposals for group therapeutic use of psychedelics, as compounds such as psilocybin have demonstrated potential use as effective therapies for hard-to-treat cases of addiction, depression, and end-of-life anxiety. Continue reading...........
Michelle Helfner
New comment Sep 13
Started Microdosing Minds Eye and Feeling Intensified Symptoms: Is This Part of the Journey?"
This is a common question that WE receive here at the start of someone's microdosing journey: I'm dealing with pain along with depression and anxiety (even exhaustion, more anxiousness etc). I've taken my first "X amount" of doses of Minds Eye, and I seem to be feeling even worse. Do any of you experience this? ❓ A REPLY: Hey there, fellow friends, Embarking on a journey with Minds Eye? It's a transformative experience, not a quick fix. Much like the complex tapestry of our universe, our minds weave intricate narratives. 👁️ Sometimes, starting a microdosing regimen might seem like stirring the waters, making them murkier before they clear. Remember, this isn't about instant gratification. 😵‍💫 Here is a more in-depth VIDEO based on this common inquiry: It's about diving deep, confronting the shadows, and emerging with more awareness than you had prior to the start of your practice. Like any profound journey, you might face challenging terrains before reaching the summit. 🍄 Stick with it, explore these new terrains of heightened awareness, and allow the transformative power of microdosing to offer new perspectives on old pains. The journey is just as crucial as the destination. ⛰️ Keep exploring. Keep evolving. 🦅 To your journey, B 👁️ For more information on Mind's Eye, head on over to our store where you can obtain your own products and workbooks for your journey. CLICK HERE >>>MIND'S EYE >>>CLICK HERE
Michelle Helfner
Brian Chaplin
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@Michelle Helfner thank you for contributing Michelle
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@Michelle Helfner I sent you a private message Michelle. Thanks again for your contributions
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